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Full Faculty

(as of April 1, 2024)
Name Title Specialty
ADAM, Yasmin Full-time Lecturer International Relations of Small States, Security of Small States
BRAUN, Richard Anton Senior Professor Macroeconomics
BRUMMER, Matthew Assistant Professor Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STI); International Relations Theory; Japanese foreign and security policy
CHEY, Hyoung-kyu Professor International political economy, especially the fields of money and finance, with a regional specialization in East Asia
CHIBANA, Takeyoshi Professor River Engineering, Hydrospheric Geomorphology
FUJIMOTO, Junichi Professor Macroeconomics
GOTO,Jun Assistant Professor Development Economics, Political Economy
HAJIRO, Jun Professor Local Public Administration and Finance
HANAWA, Yasuyuki Associate Professor Agricultural policy
HATANAKA, Kaori Associate Professor Industrial Organization Theory, Law and Economics
HAYASHI, Takayuki Professor Science and Technology Policy, Scientometrics, Higher Education Policy, Evaluation.
HIBINO, Naohiko Professor Infrastructure Planning, Transportation Planning, Regional Planning
HIROKI, Kenzo Professor Water and Disaster; International Cooperation
HOBO, Nobuhito Professor (special assignment) International Development Studies, Aid Policy Studies, Cross-cultural Understanding
HOSOE, Nobuhiro Professor Computational Economics, Economic Simulation Analysis
HSU, Minchung Professor Macroeconomics, Health Insurance, Social Insurance, Demographic Changes and Growth, Public Policy, Economic Dynamics
IEDA, Hitoshi Senior Professor Regional, Transport and Infrastructure Planning / Policy
IIO, Jun Professor Contemporary Japanese Politics
IIZUKA, Michiko Professor Science, Technology Innovation Policy in Developing and Emerging Countries
INTARAKUMNERD, Patarapong Professor Innovation Policy and Innovation Systems in Developing Countries
IWAMA, Yoko Professor International Politics; European Diplomatic History
IZUMI, Yutaro Assistant Professor Economic History, Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics
KAKIHARA, Satoshi Assistant Professor Mathematical Engineering, Statistical Mathematics
KANCHOOCHAT, Veerayooth Associate Professor Politics of economic growth, the middle-income trap, institutional economics, industrial policy, Thailand, East and Southeast Asian development
KATAI, Miyuki Professor Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Gender Medicine, Women’s Health
KATAYAMA, Koji Professor Building and Urban Disaster Management Policy
KAWASAKI, Kenichi Professor Economics (Economic Model Analysis)
KIDOKORO, Yukihiro Professor Cost-benefit analysis, Transport Economics, Regulatory Economics
KIJIMA, Yoko Professor Development Economics
KITAO, Sagiri Professor Macroeconomics
KONDO, Yoshitomo Professor International Trading System, Tariff Policy and Customs Administration, Political Economy of Trade Negotiations
KUDO, Toshihiro Professor Southeast Asian studies, Development studies
KUROSAWA, Masako Professor Economics (Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics)
LEON-GONZALEZ, Roberto Professor Econometrics
LIM, Guanie Associate Professor Economic Geography, Area Studies, Critical Development
LITSCHIG, Stephan Professor Development, Public, and Political Economics, Microeconometrics
MASUYAMA, Mikitaka Professor Japanese Politics, Legislative Institutions, Political Methodology
MICHISHITA, Narushige Professor Strategic Studies; Japanese Defense and Foreign Policy; Security Issues on the Korean Peninsula
MIYAMOTO, Daisuke Professor Cybersecurity
MOROHOSI, Hozumi Professor Operations Research
MUNRO, Alistair Professor Microeconomics (Behavioural public economics, environmental economics and experimental economics)
MUROTA, Tetsuo Professor Disaster Operation, Emergency Management
NORO, Takaki Associate Professor STI Policy, Evaluation, Intellectual Properties and Standardization
OKAMOTO, Ryosuke Associate Professor Urban Economics
ONO, Taichi Professor Social Security Policy, Health and Long-Term Care Policy
OTA, Hiroko President Public Finance Policy
OZAWA, Kazumasa Professor Construction Management, Infrastructure Systems Management
PORAPAKKARM, Ponpoje Professor Macroeconomic and public policies, Economic inequalities
PETCHKO, Katerina Professor Education and Development
PRESSELLO, Andrea Professor Japan’s diplomatic history and foreign policy
SHINODA, Kunihiko Professor Trade Policy, International Economic Policy
SUMIKURA, Koichi Professor Intellectual Property Policy, Science and Technology Policy
SUZUKI,hiroto Professor
SUZUKI, Jun Professor Science, Technology and Innovation Policy
TABUCHI, Helga Professor Intellectual Property Law, Cultural Policy
TAKADA, Hirofumi Professor Local Public Administration and Finance, Local Revitalization
TAKAGI, Yusuke Associate Professor Area Studies (Southeast Asia), Political Science
TAKAHASHI, Kazuaki Professor Environment and Energy Policy(Climate Change(Mitigation/Adaptation, Waste Management)
TAKAHASHI, Kazushi Professor Development Economics, Applied Microeconometrics
TAKAHASHI, Masafumi Professor
TAKENAKA, Harukata Professor Comparative Politics; Japanese Politics, International Political Economy
TAKENOUCHI, Takashi Professor Machine learning
TANAKA, Makoto Professor Energy, Environment, Industry
(Economic Analysis, Operations Research)
TSUCHIYA, Takashi Professor Statistical Mathematics, Mathematical Engineering
WIE, Dainn Associate Professor Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics
XING, Yuqing Professor International Economics, Development Economics, Chinese Economy
YAMAUCHI, Chikako Associate Professor Applied Microeconomics with the focus on Development Economics and Labor Economics
YAMAGUCHI, Shinji Professor Sediment-related disaster, Disaster prevention management, Construction Management
YAMAZAKI, Akio Associate professor Environmental Economics
YOKOYAMA, Tadashi Professor Japanese Economy, Regional economy
YOSHIMUTA, Tsuyoshi Professor System of Government, Government Reform, Public Policy

Full Faculty | Joint-Appointment Faculty

Joint-Appointment Faculty

Name Title Specialty
AZUHATA, Tatsuya Professor (joint-appointment) Earthquake Engineering
EGASHIRA, Shinji Professor (joint-appointment)
FUJII, Yushiro Associate Professor(joint-appointment) Seismology (source process, tsunami)
FURUYA, Kentaro Professor(joint-appointment) International Law, Maritime Security 
HARA, Tatsuhiko Professor (joint-appointment) Seismology
HARADA, Daisuke Associate Professor(joint-appointment) River Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering
HAYASHIDA, Takumi Associate Professor(joint-appointment) Seismology
KITA, Saeko Associate Professor(joint-appointment) Seismology and geophysics
KOIKE, Toshio Professor (joint-appointment) Hydrology
MATOBA, Moeko Professor (joint-appointment) Earthquake Engineering   
MIYAMOTO, Mamoru Associate Professor(joint-appointment) Hydrology
MOHAMED, Rasmy Professor (joint-appointment) Hydrological modelling and prediction, Satellite remote sensing, Water resources management, Weather and climate predictions, Satellite data assimilation methods
NAKAGAWA, Hiroto Associate Professor (joint-appointment) Earthquake Engineering 
OHARA, Miho Professor (joint-appointment) Disaster Risk Management
OTSUKA, Yuri Associate Professor (joint-appointment) Earthquake Engineering   
SHIBAZAKI, Bunichiro Professor (joint-appointment) Seismology
USHIYAMA, Tomoki Professor (joint-appointment) Meteorology
YOROZUYA, Atsuhiro Professor (joint-appointment)

Full Faculty | Joint-Appointment Faculty

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