Position Professor
Degree Ph.D. in Development Economics (GRIPS)
Specialty Development Economics, Applied Microeconometrics
Current Research Interests Technology Diffusion, Microfinance, Poverty Dynamics
  • Professional Career
2015.9-2019.3 Faculty Member, Sophia University, Faculty of Economics
2010.8-2012.8 Visiting Fellow, Cornell University, The Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
2006.6-2015.9 Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO
  • Selected publications

Takahashi, Kazushi, Yuma Noritomo, Munenobu Ikegami, and Nathaniel D. Jensen. “Understanding Pastoralists’ Dynamic Insurance Uptake Decisions: Evidence from Four-year Panel Data in Ethiopia.” forthcoming in Food Policy


Noritomo, Yuma, and Kazushi Takahashi. “Can Insurance Payouts Prevent a Poverty Trap? Evidence from Randomized Experiments in Northern Kenya.” forthcoming in Journal of Development Studies.  


Takahashi, Kazushi, Rie Muraoka, and Keijiro Otsuka. (2020). “Technology Adoption, Impact, and Extension in Developing Countries’ Agriculture: A Review of the Recent Literature.” Agricultural Economics, 51(1): pp.31-45. 


Kudo, Yuya, Abu Shonchoy, and Kazushi Takahashi. (2019). “Can Solar Lanterns Improve Youth Academic Performance? Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh.” World Bank Economic Review, 33(2): pp.436-460.  


Takahashi, Kazushi, Yukichi Mano and Keijiro Otsuka (2019). “Learning from Experts and Peer Farmers about Rice Production: Experimental Evidence from Cote d’Ivoire.” World Development, 122: pp.157-169. 


Takahashi, Kazushi, Christopher B. Barrett, and Munenobu Ikegami. (2019). “Does Index Insurance Crowd In or Crowd Out Informal Risk Sharing? Evidence from Rural Ethiopia.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 101(3): pp.672-691. 


Arimoto, Yutaka, Hisaki Kono, Tsilavo Ralandison, Takeshi Sakurai, and Kazushi Takahashi (2019). “Price and Non-price Information Frictions in Regional Arbitrage: The Case of Rice Traders in Antananarivo, Madagascar.” Economic Development and Cultural Change, 67(2): pp.273-313. 


Takahashi, Kazushi, Abu Shonchoy, Seiro Ito, and Takashi Kurosaki (2017). “How Does Contract Design Affect the Uptake of Microcredit among the Ultra-poor? Experimental Evidence from the River Islands of Northern Bangladesh.” Journal of Development Studies, 53(4): pp.530-547. 


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Takahashi, Kazushi and Keijiro Otsuka (2009). “The Increasing Importance of Nonfarm Income and the Changing Use of Labor and Capital in Rice Farming: The Case of Central Luzon, 1979-2003.” Agricultural Economics, 40(2): pp.231-242.

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