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MORICHI, Shigeru



Policy studies at GRIPS are characterized by liberal research initiatives by respective members of the faculty, as well as the research projects supervised by our Policy Research Center. Making use of the Center helps researchers establish a coordinated research environment, enabling them to amass the minds necessary for policy studies and actively promote interdisciplinary international research. The research projects are collaborative efforts combining faculty members and external researchers.


The Policy Research Center publicly seeks research project applications each year. New research projects are chosen through reviews. At the end of the fiscal year, each research project is evaluated for possible continuation based on their annual accomplishments. Research projects are also evaluated in their overall achievements once complete. The Center aims to elevate the standards for its research projects through this scrap-and-build process.


In addition to its research projects, the Policy Research Center has various initiatives under way to help promote active academic interaction and higher research standards, including support for seminars and symposiums featuring guest researchers from overseas, as well as accepting visiting scholars from both local and international research institutes and the promotion of submissions to international academic journals.


Major activities of the Policy Research Center


For details, please visit our Policy Research Center website(started on January 7, 2011).

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