Pre-Arrival FAQs



  1. Q: I applied for housing. When will I receive my housing assignment?

    A: You will be assigned housing by middle of September.


  2. Q: I plan to come to Japan by myself first. My family will accompany me later. Can I apply for a Single Room now and then switch to a Family or Couple Room when my family arrives?

    A: No. Leasing agreements are drawn up for a one year period, and room changes (e.g. from Single to Couple Room) are not permitted during the academic year. You have to choose a family room from the beginning, if you plan to bring your family.


  3. Q: The House Information states that I can only apply for a room for a full academic year. Why is it not possible to move out of the room in the middle of the academic year?

    A: Since the rooms are arranged under one-year leases, tenants are not permitted to break the lease by moving out of the room in the middle of the term of the lease.


  4. Q: If my family visits me for a short period of time, can they stay with me in a Single Room?

    A: No. The rule that only one person may stay in a Single Room in both GRIPS IH and TIEC is strictly adhered to. In the event of a family visit, the student and his/her family are responsible for finding their accommodation.  You may apply for the guest rooms in IH and TIEC.


  5. Q: I was assigned a Single Room in the IH and I will invite my parents for a short period of time. Can they stay in a Guest Room in the same residence hall?

    A: Yes. IH residents and TIEC residents can apply for a guest room, depending on availability. As a rule, only family members of residents are eligible. Please contact the Student Office for further information.


Accompanying Family

  1. Q: Why can’t I bring my family with me when I first come to Japan?

    A: We require you to come to Japan by yourself at first, and then apply for visas for your family after you have enrolled at GRIPS. It takes a while to obtain dependent visa after application. In the meantime, your family cannot apply for the National Health Insurance.


  2. Q: Can GRIPS assist me in getting visas for my family?

    A: International Students already in Japan can apply for the Certificate of Eligibility at the Immigration Bureau on behalf of their family members. The Student Office can assist you in the procedure to apply for a family visa after your arrival in compliance with Japanese Government regulations.


National Health Insurance (NHI)

  1. Q: Should I sign up for health insurance before arriving in Japan?

    A: After arriving Japan, you and your family members are required to sign up for Japanese National Health Insurance for the duration of your studies, in accordance with the Health Insurance Law in Japan.


  2. Q: How do I sign up for National Health Insurance (NHI)?

    A: You must apply at the city office where you reside. The GRIPS Student Office will assist you in applying for NHI after you arrive in Japan.


  3. Q: How does the NHI work?

    A: Your city office regularly sends you bills for your NHI fees; these can be paid at convenience stores. Under the NHI system, if you present your NHI card at any hospital or clinic, 70% of your medical costs will be covered.


Living Expenses/Financial Matters

  1. Q: How much money and which currency should I bring to Japan?

    A: You are advised to bring cash that can cover at least 1-1.5-month living expenses. Students who will receive scholarships through GRIPS should note carefully thatyou will not receiveyour first stipend until the end of October or the middle of November depending on when your bank account in Japan will be opened. 


  2. Q: How much are the approximate monthly living expenses for international students in Tokyo?

    A: Cost of living depends on your lifestyle. The following is an example of monthly expenses for a single person in Tokyo.

    Item Cost (yen/per month)
    Accommodation/ rent 35,000 – 86,500
    Utilities 5,000 – 10,000
    Food 20,000 – 40,000
    Transportation 8,000 – 15,000
    Insurance (health, accident, property) 3,000
    Books and study materials 5,000
    Telephone & internet 5,000 – 10,000
    Leisure & hobbies 20,000
    Miscellaneous 20,000

    Please refer to the website Life in Tokyo: Your Guide -guide book- for more information.


Curriculum, Academic Resources, Graduation Requirements

  1. Q: Do I need to bring a laptop to Japan?

    A: Since during their time at GRIPS, students will need to use either their own PCs or the laptops installed at GRIPS for their studies, including the writing of theses, and for administrative and educational procedures such as course registration, GRIPS recommends that students bring their own laptops.
    Students can use those machines for their studies and for administrative and educational procedures, although open-ended use for long periods of time is not permitted.


  2. Q: I would like to start preparing for courses before my arrival in Japan. Where can I find out more about the curriculum, individual courses, and text books being used?

    A: Information about the curriculum and graduation requirements for each program can be found at the Master’s/Doctoral Programs pages GRIPS website and the GRIPS Bulletin. For more detailed information on individual courses, reading materials etc., please check the online GRIPS syllabus at the GRIPS website.









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