Fees & Tuition Expenses

What How much How often Due date
Application Fee 30,000 yen Once Upon request from GRIPS
Admission Fee 282,000 yen Once At the time of enrollment
Tuition 535,800 yen Yearly Divided into two installments, due October 31 & April 30

*Transaction fees and other handling charges must be paid by the applicants.

*Fees and tuition expenses are subject to change.


You are required to provide a financial statement at the time of application.


Please submit one of the following documents showing that you have the necessary funds to cover the total cost of your studies (tuition and living expenses in Japan). by post along with the rest of your supporting documents, all in one package. The total cost of your studies has been estimated at JPY 2,700,000 for the first year. This amount may change slightly in subsequent years.


  • An original bank statement or an original letter from a bank dated within the past two months showing the necessary funds in Japanese yen or US dollars.
  • An original award letter from a scholarship provider showing the total sum of the scholarship in Japanese yen or US dollars as well as the general terms and conditions of the scholarship.
  • An original statement from a sponsor (such as a relative) indicating the sponsor’s ability and willingness to provide you with the necessary funds. The sponsor needs to provide proof of the necessary funds in the form of an original bank statement or an original letter from a bank dated within the past two months and showing the necessary funds in Japanese yen or US dollars.


A hard copy of a screen shot from a bank website will not be accepted.


The bank account shown in your statement must be of the type that allows you to withdraw funds upon your request.


Obtaining a scholarship allocated through GRIPS

Full scholarships are available for exceptionally qualified candidates who have been accepted for study at GRIPS. These scholarships are provided by the Japanese government (MEXT) and international organizations, as well as by GRIPS.


The specific scholarship will be determined by GRIPS based on the eligibility requirements imposed by the scholarship providers (see Scholarship Eligibility and Details chart). Please note that scholarships are allocated on a competitive basis and that only a limited number of scholarships are available.


What the scholarship covers

  1. A monthly stipend which is intended to cover living expenses such as food, clothing, and other daily expenses, as well as accommodation, transportation, medical treatment, insurance, and various miscellaneous expenses related to your study at GRIPS. This stipend is fixed and cannot be increased to cover family members.
  2. Application fee, admission fee, and tuition.
  3. An economy-class air ticket from your home country to Japan upon enrollment at GRIPS and an economy-class air ticket from Japan to your home country upon completion of your studies at GRIPS.

*Allowances and rules differ slightly for each scholarship.


However, as the number of scholarships available is limited, we urge you to explore funding opportunities that are offered by outside sources, including your own government. The Japanese government also provides scholarships on an open and competitive basis through your local Japanese embassy. However, GRIPS no longer accepts applications under this category.


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