Facts & Figures


30 : Programs and Courses

GRIPS offers policy studies programs and courses that tackle the issues facing our modern world.

(April 2021)


■ 15 : Programs Taught in English

There are 8 Master’s Programs and 7 Doctoral Programs that can be taken entirely in English. These programs are designed to create globally competitive, top-level human resources in the field of policy studies.

(April 2021)


■ 379 : Students

72% of our students are on Master’s Programs and 28% are on Doctoral Programs.

(May 2021)


■ 63% : of Students are International Students

GRIPS boasts a high ratio of international students, even among other national universities.

(May 2021)


82% : of Students from the Public Sector

Many of our students are employees at central ministries and government agencies, local governments, or private companies, and are undergoing mid-career training at GRIPS.

(Graduates from 2020)


■ 117 : Countries Represented by our Alumni

The GRIPS Alumni network has over 5,400 people from 117 different countries.

(May 2021)


■ 1: 5.2 : Ratio of Faculty Members to Students

The number of GRIPS faculty members (excluding part-time) is 19.2% of our student population.

GRIPS is a place where students can easily get advice from and talk to their professors.

(May 2021)


■ 26% : of Full-time Faculty Members have Practical Experience in Administration

1 in 4 of our full-time faculty members have practical experience in government administration.

(May 2021)


■ 56% : of Full-time Faculty Members hold a Degree from a Outside of Japan

GRIPS employs many faculty members who gained their degree at an overseas institution, bringing with them a global perspective.

(May 2021)


22% : of Faculty Members are Non-Japanese

To increase our global presence, GRIPS is proactively increasing acceptance of young researchers and invitations sent to renowned international researchers. Of our faculty members, 22% are non-Japanese (excluding part-time).

(May 2021)


14 : Short-Term Executive Training Programs for International Government Officials


521 : Participants in Short-Term Executive Training Programs for International Government Officials

The Executive Development Center for Global Leadership held short-term executive training programs held in 2019 following requests from domestic and international government agencies. The training programs contributed to human resource development in the public sector by offering lectures covering topics such as national government ministries and local governments in Japan, the public sector system, leadership and many other topics related to policy studies and systems.





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