Research Fellows


Visiting Scholars

For the directory of Visiting Scholars, please access the Policy Research Center website.


Research Fellowships of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

To apply for the fellowships listed below, you must submit an application through your host researcher (affiliated with National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)). GRIPS will submit all received applications to JSPS.


JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Overseas Researchers

This program was established to assist promising and highly qualified young foreign researchers wishing to conduct research in Japan. It is aimed at providing opportunities for such researchers to, under the guidance of their hosts, conduct cooperative research with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions, thereby permitting them to advance their own research while stimulating Japanese academic circles, particularly young Japanese researchers, through close collaboration in scientific activities. Such collaboration is also intended to advance scientific research in the counterpart countries. (Fellowships are awarded for periods of 12 to 24 months.)
For more information, please access the JSPS website.


JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

In view of the growing need to foster young researchers who will play an important role in future scientific research activities, JSPS provides a special program under which fellowships are granted to 1) young Japanese postdoctoral researchers who conduct research activities at Japanese universities or research institutions on a non-employment basis and to 2) graduate students who conduct research in Japanese university doctoral programs.


Please submit the applications to us by the following date:
  • JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Overseas Researchers (Standard) 2018-2019
    • 1st  Recruitment: 7 Aug 2017  Application Closed
    • 2nd Recruitment: 3 Apr 2018


  • JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for North American and European Researchers (Short-term) 2017-2018
    • 1st  Recruitment: 11 Sep 2017  Application Closed
    • 2nd Recruitment: 8 Dec 2017  Application Closed
    • 3rd  Recruitment: 12 Mar 2018 Application Closed
    • 4th  Recruitment: 15 May 2018


  • JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists  2018-2019
    • RPD: 16 Apr 2018 
    • DC1,DC2,PD,SPD: 11 May 2018

Postdoctoral researcher positions

Please check the front page of the GRIPS website for recruitment information. When we recruit postdoctoral researchers, all the information will be posted there.


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