Listed below are some current externally funded research projects, and also some completed projects.


Selected as one of five SciREX (Science for RE-designing Science, Technology and Innovation Policy) HUB Institutions, GRIPS is undertaking a variety of projects aimed at the advancement of the evolution of policy formation processes. These projects support the overarching mission of the SciREX Center, which has 3 components: to contribute to the realization of evidence-based policy formulation; to promote the co-evolution of policy formation and policy research; and to provide opportunities for the discussion of science, technology, and innovation policy.


The objective of this project is to empirically clarify what type of management is needed to create a system for strategic governance and management of academia, and to propose policies in order to enable the implementation of this type of system at research universities in Japan.


This project aims at gaining systematic understanding of diverse ways in which economic and political phenomena interact with each other in emerging states. By emerging states, we mean those states that have been gaining considerable influence in their regions and the world by strengthening political and economic power.  We try to achieve our goal by integrating theoretical, historical, and empirical analyses at the microeconomic-, state-, and global-levels through close collaboration among researchers in different disciplines including political science, development economics, history, area studies, and political economy.


In this project, we seek innovative ways to provide policy information with the help of the latest digital technology. We have initiated data collection projects that have resulted in the development of a database on administrative information disclosure requests to the prefectural and municipal offices.  Also, we have launched an internet video retrieval system for Diet deliberations in which one can pinpoint and play the parliamentary video clips corresponding to the minutes of proceedings through a keyword search.


GRIPS conducts comparative studies in local governance in many different countries, primarily Japan and other Asian countries. The purpose of this website is to place information about such research in the public domain. We hope that this website will contribute to the formation of a network bringing together, in Japan and overseas, Japanese and foreign researchers involved in the study of local governance and related fields.


The GRIPS Development Forum (GDF) conducts pragmatic and policy-oriented research in such areas as industrial development, international development and development cooperation, building on the development experiences of Japan and Asia, and widely disseminates the results. Currently, GDF is engaged with policy dialogues with Ethiopia and Vietnam in collaboration with the Japanese government and JICA, as well as studies on donor strategies for industrial development cooperation and public-private partnerships.


This project aims to contribute to the resolution of issues related to global health in international society, by formulating and evaluating innovative global health policy and by analyzing the process of implementation of that policy. This research helps  the international dissemination of the findings of private-public initiatives concerning both government and private sector application of medical and pharmaceutical technology to the improvement of healthcare in developing countries.



Completed projects

Selected to receive support from the Global Center of Excellence (COE) Program in 2008

(The Global COE Program, aimed at enhancing the international competitiveness of Japanese universities, provides funding support for the establishment of education and research centers capable of performing at the apex of global excellence.)


Selected to receive support from the 21st Century COE Program in 2003.

(The 21st Century COE Program, an initiative established in 2002 by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), aims to cultivate a competitive academic environment among Japanese universities, The program gave targeted support to the creation of Centers of Excellence, world-standard research and education bases.)


Launched in 2000 under the Center of Excellence Program


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