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GRIPS Development Forum (GDF)

he GRIPS Development Forum conducts pragmatic and policy-oriented research in such areas as industrial development, international development and development cooperation, building on the development experiences of Japan and Asia, and widely disseminates the results.

    Policy Dialogue on Industrial 
      Development in Ethiopia

Phase 3
Phase 2 (Completed)
Phase 1 (Completed)
    Int'l Development Strategies,    
      Aid Partnerships
    African Growth Initiative
(Febrauary  2022)
Policy Learning for Industrial Development and the Role of Development Cooperation
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Promoting Quality and Productivity Improvement/ Kaizen in Africa
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(January 2022)
Ethiopia FDI Policy Report
This report was produced by PSI and GDF as joint research.
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(April 2021)
Viet Nam Productivity Report by Ohno kenichi, Nguyen Duc Thanh, Pham Thi Huong
The final edition of the report has been published. Some of the data also has been updated.
English   Vietnamese
(September 2020)
Vietnam Productivity Report
-Preliminary Final Edition-

This report was made by GDF and VEPR. Final edition will be published in early 2021.
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(February 2020)
Ethiopia Productivity Report
This report is a joint work of PSI and GDF.
ISBN: 978-9-9944-7753-1
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(June 2019)
How Nations Learn: Technological Learning, Industrial Policy, and Catch-up by Arkebe Oqubay and Kenichi Ohno, Oxford University Press
Book Website
(September 2017)
The History of Japanese Economic Development: Origins of Private Dynamism and Policy Competence
(Routledge) by Kenichi Ohno
Book Website

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"The History of Japanese Economic Development " is available for open access

(Apr. 2022) "The History of Japanese Economic Development: Origins of Private Dynamism and Policy Competence" by
Prof. Kenichi Ohno is now available for open access.

Book Website (Routledge)
"Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth" is available for open access

(Apr. 2022) "Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid" edited by Prof. Kenichi Ohno and Prof. Izumi Ohno (Routledge) is now available for open access. 

Book Website (Routledge)
Japanese Experience of Industrial Development & Development Cooperation: Two books published from the JICA Ogata Research Institute

(Mar. 2022) Two books were published in February 2022:
gPolicy Learning for Industrial Development and the Role of Development Cooperationh (edited by Izumi Ohno, Kuniaki Amatsu & Akio Hosono) and gPromoting Quality and Productivity Improvement/ Kaizen in Africah (edited by Kimiaki Jin & Izumi Ohno). These are the outcomes of the gResearch Project on the Japanese  Experience of Industrial Development and  Development Cooperation: Analysis of Translative Adaptation Processesh at the JICA Ogata Research Institute, where Izumi Ohno serves as senior research advisor. The books are intended for policymakers, practitioners, researchers in developing countries, as well as the international community.

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Research project

Ethiopia FDI Policy Report

(Jan. 2022) GDF and PSI, the Ethiopian think tank, launched an FDI policy report on January 27. It assesses Ethiopia's FDI policy and performance, impact on the balance of payments and technology transfer, industrial park management, garment export, the pursuit of quality and ethical correctness, and responses to ICT and the post-pandemic world.  The report analyzes long-term structural issues that will remain even after the current crisis is overcome. A separate companion paper is also available.  

Press release
FDI Policy Report
Companion paper
(FDI proposal paper)
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Ethiopia Productivity Report 2020
This report was jointly produced by Policy Studies Institute (PSI), a government think tank, and GRIPS Development Forum
  Please click here (Feb. 2020)

Reports of Policy Dialogue on Industrial Development in Ethiopia Phase2 by JICA and GRIPS Development Forum

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for Japanese Businesses
This booklet contains policy, economy, and business climate in Ethiopia to improve the quality of Ethiopia's information for the Japanese business community. It was compiled and published by the GRIPS Development Forum which is solely responsible for the content.
  English (last updated: Dec. 2015)

Records of Ethiopia-Japan Industrial Policy Dialogue Vol. 2 --Policy Research in Third Countries--
This records were compiled and published by GRIPS Development Forum for stakeholders and interested people.
Volume 1 contains policy dialogue minutes (Japanese) and Volume 2 contains third-country policy research as reference materials for Ethiopian policy makers (English and Japanese).
  Volume 1 (2.6MB)
  Volume 2 (4.8MB) Vol.2 contains some Japanese chapters.

Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa's Notes 
Featuring reports and presentation materials of Prof. Ishikawa who contributes to issues in Development Economics.

Prof. Shigeru Ishikawa (1918-2014)
Economist, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Hitotsubashi University and Aoyama-Gakuin University, Member of the Japan Academy

Champion Product Approach in Ethiopia
 >>> Creativity in Motion

EGRIPS Global COE Program

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