Social Media Operational Policy


1. Outline

This policy statement defines matters related to the operation of the official SNS accounts of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) (hereafter called GRIPS’ official SNS).


2. Purpose of social media operation

The purpose of the operation of GRIPS’ Official SNS is to enhance GRIPS public relations activities by providing information about education and research activities of the faculty and students; seminars; and other GRIPS-related news .


3. Social media operation policy

  1.  Comments posted by users on GRIPS’ official SNS do not reflect the opinions of GRIPS.
  2.  In principle, we do not respond to comments posted on GRIPS’ official SNS. To submit comments to or inquire about GRIPS, please contact the department in charge via email. The relevant addresses are listed on the Contact Us page ( of GRIPS’ official website.
  3.  At the discretion of the university, we may send signals such as “like” and “retweet” or share a posting to other accounts, but such actions do not indicate GRIPS’ approval.


4. Disclaimer

  1.  While all efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on GRIPS’ official SNS, GRIPS assumes no responsibility for any actions by users of GRIPS’ official SNS.
  2.  In no event shall GRIPS be liable for any trouble or dispute arising between users, or between users and a third party, in connection with user comments or GRIPS’ official SNS.
  3.  GRIPS shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use of GRIPS’ official SNS, or from suspension of operation.
  4.  GRIPS’ official SNS may cease operations without prior notification for reasons including system failure and maintenance.


5. Deletion and Other Responses to Prohibited Material and User Comments

Regarding the use of GRIPS’ official SNS, the following acts are prohibited. In cases of such acts, the postings and comments may be hidden or deleted without the consent of the user.

  1.  Identifying, disclosing, or divulging personal information without the consent of the person
  2.  Damaging or threatening GRIPS or a third party
  3.  Infringement of copyright, trademark right, portrait right or other intellectual property right of GRIPS or a third party
  4.  Slandering, defaming or discrediting GRIPS or a third party
  5.  Acts contrary to public order and morals, or the provision of information contrary to public order and morals
  6.  Posting matter unrelated to GRIPS posts.
  7.  Acts that violate, or threaten to violate, laws, regulations, and the like.
  8.  Any other act which GRIPS deems inappropriate.


6. Intellectual Property Rights

  1.  Intellectual property rights such as photographs, illustrations, audio recordings, videos, and articles posted on GRIPS’ official SNS are the property of GRIPS or the holders of legitimate rights.
  2.  Intellectual property including user comments belongs to the user who made the posting. However, by posting, the user is deemed to have licensed to GRIPS the right to use (including processing, reproduction, and translation) of the posted contents on a non-exclusive basis without charge, and to have agreed not to exercise copyright and the like against GRIPS.


7. Dissemination and Changes of Policy

The content of this policy statement will be posted on the GRIPS official website; if necessary, it may be changed without prior notice.



8. GRIPS’ official SNS account list











9. Contact

PR team, Planning Office (



Supplementary Provisions

 The policy is in effect as of September 1, 2021.


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