Doctoral Programs

The doctoral programs at GRIPS produce highly qualified researchers in the field of policy studies and public administrators with professional expertise and skills in policy analysis. Since GRIPS began offering doctoral programs in April 2002, its doctoral training has been providing students with multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills needed to carry out policy research of international standard, solid academic writing skills, the ability to teach in the field of social sciences, and advanced proficiency in a foreign language. In accordance with their research interests and academic performance, doctoral students can attend lectures and seminars, participate in tutorial sessions, present their research at international conferences, and work on papers in joint research projects. The requirements for the doctoral degree include submission of a dissertation proposal, satisfactory performance on the qualifying examination, and an oral dissertation defense. Eligibility for the qualifying examination will be determined by the student’s supervisor, taking into account the student’s progress during the academic year, prior academic performance, and the quality of the doctoral dissertation proposal. The qualifying examination comprises a written examination covering a number of disciplines and research methodology as well as an oral defense of a dissertation proposal.


List of Programs Offered Under the Ph.D. / Doctoral Program

Period Program Accepted Students Field of Research Degrees Offered
5 years (MA. Ph.D.) GRIPS Global Governance Program (G-cube) Japanese and foreign students Political Science, Economics, Area Studies

M.A. in Advanced Policy Studies
Ph.D. in Advanced Policy Studies

Ph.D. in International Relations

Ph.D. in International Development Studies

Policy Analysis Japanese and foreign students Economics Ph.D. in Public Economics
Ph.D. in Development Economics
Ph.D. in International Economics
3 years (Ph.D., Doctor) Public Policy Japanese and foreign students General Ph.D. in Public Policy
Politics Ph.D. in Government
Mathematical Analysis Ph.D. in Social Systems Analysis
Cultural Policy Ph.D. in Cultural Policy
Security and International Studies Japanese and foreign students Security and International Studies Ph.D. in International Relations
State Building and Economic Development Japanese and foreign students Political Economy, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Development Economics, Area Studies Ph.D. in International Development Studies
Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Japanese and foreign students Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

Ph.D. in Public Policy

Doctor of Policy Studies

Disaster Management Japanese and foreign students Disaster Management Ph.D. in Disaster Management
Japanese Language and Culture Foreign students Japanese Language Education Ph.D. in Japanese Language Education
3 years (Doctor, Ph.D.) Policy Professionals Japanese students Case studies

Doctor of Policy Studies

Ph.D. in Government

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