How to Apply

Before You Apply

For the details of each program, go to Degree Programs.

For information about funding including scholarships, go to Scholarships / Tuition and Fees

For the details of each scholarship provider, see Scholarship Eligibility and Details chart.

For deadlines, see Application Deadlines by Program


Application Eligibility

Master’s Programs and Five-year Ph.D. Programs

    A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

Three-year Ph.D. Programs

    A master’s degree or its equivalent


Online Application (directly to GRIPS)

Online applications for 2022-2023 admission are now open.

To apply for any of the following programs, download our Online Application Guide 2022-2023 and follow the 3 steps listed below.


Master’s Programs

  • One-year Master‘s Program of Public Policy (MP1) 
  • Two-year Master’s Program of Public Policy (MP2)
  • Macroeconomic Policy Program (MEP) (One year Program or Two year Program) for externally funded or self-financed applicants only
  • Public Finance Program (PF)
  • Maritime Safety and Security Policy Program (MSP) for externally funded or self-financed international applicants only


Ph.D. Programs

 Five-year Ph.D. Program (minimum 3 years)

  • Policy Analysis Program (PA) 

 Three-year Ph.D. Programs

  • GRIPS Global Governance Program (G-cube)
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Program (STI) 


Step 0  Online Application Guide

Download our Online Application Guide 2022-2023 and read it carefully. 


Step 1  Online Entry Form

Fill out and submit the Online Entry Form. The Admissions Office will send you an ID and a password by e-mail.


Step 2  Online Application Form

Use your ID and password to access GRIPS’ portal, G-way. Complete and submit the Online Application Form.


Step 3  Supporting documents

Send the required supporting documents to the Admissions Office by post.


Paper-based Application (directly to GRIPS)

To apply for any of the following programs, download the application guide and form below

  • Economics, Planning and Public Policy Program (EPP): PDF Word  (2021-2022 closed)
  • Disaster Management Program – Ph.D. (DM): PDF Word (2021-2022 closed)


Apply through the sponsoring organization

Contact the relevant sponsoring organization for further details.

Program Contact organization
Young Leaders Program (YLP) Embassy of Japan
Macroeconomic Policy Program (MEP) IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Disaster Management Policy Program (DMP) JICA Office or Embassy of Japan
Maritime Safety and Security Policy Program (MSP)

JICA Office (Asia)



NOTE: GRIPS no longer accepts applications to the following three-year Ph.D. programs:

 • Public Policy Program (PP) 

 • Security and International Studies Program (SISP) 

 • State Building and Economic Development Program (SBED)





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