GRIPS ALLIANCE, founded in 2013 as a laboratory of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), contributes to the dissemination of democratic governance to the world and to its enhancement through strategic policy research on emerging issues. GRIPS Alliance also develops and delivers high-level training programs in policy studies.

GRIPS ALLIANCE is structurally different from GRIPS. Whereas GRIPS is an educational institute dedicated to the fostering of administrative officers from all levels of government and to conducting policy research in general, GRIPS ALLIANCE is a research institute which conducts more practical high-level policy research by addressing emerging and difficult-to-solve problems through the application of flexible and innovative concepts and frameworks.

For optimum effectiveness, GRIPS ALLIANCE requires human resources capable of exemplary practical and theoretical work in policy studies and of delivery of cutting edge instruction in all aspects of policy. To that end, GRIPS ALLIANCE maintains a solid and well-defined relationship with GRIPS while conducting its activities in an original and autonomous fashion.


>> Objectives of GRIPS ALLIANCE


The objectives of GRIPS ALLIANCE are:

• To serve as an interministerial and intersectional policy studies laboratory for use by statesmen and government policymakers;

• To identify problems and raise issues from new perspectives rather than relying on conventional wisdom;

• To provide a venue for discussions based on specialized knowledge relevant to policy questions that are not easily addressed by a single ministry;

• To provide cross-ministerial training programs; and

• To ensure academic freedom and a supportive environment for the achievement of the above objectives.


In its work to achieve the above objectives, GRIPS ALLIANCE:

① Conducts research in collaboration with statesmen, government officials, and the private sector on policies and strategies which are difficult to place within existing concept arrays or frameworks;

② Develops professional human resources with specialized knowledge and expertise who are available for the solution of pressing policy problems; and

③ Provides opportunities for international policy dialogs open to all ministry personnel and to individuals from Japan, Asia (ASEAN), the Americas and Europe who have relevant policy background.


>> Organizational Structure


GRIPS ALLIANCE was established within GRIPS, but it operatessemi-independently. This reflects the unique structure of GRIPS ALLIANCE, which encourages the participation of ministries and related institutes in GRIPS ALLIANCE research projects so as to create an integrated organic and pluralistic network of highly qualified contributors. The name “ALLIANCE” reflects both the above network and the relationship between GRIPS ALLIANCE and GRIPS.

The operating policy of GRIPS ALLIANCE is shaped and refined in an ongoing manner at the monthly board meetings. Based on the discussions and decisions of the board, GRIPS ALLIANCE organizes research project meetings involving ministries, related institutes, and GRIPS faculty.



Board of GRIPS ALLIANCE(as of April 1, 2024)

Hiroto Ishida President, Honda Foundation
Yasuhiko Endo Adviser, Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities
Mitsuo Ohashi Honorary Advisor, Resonac Holdings Corporation
Teiichi Sato Honorary Executive Director, Tokyo National Museum
Yuki Takagi President, Japan Professional-Agriculture Total Support Organization
Makoto Taketoshi Senior Adviser, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
Yasutake Tango Honorary Company Fellow, Japan Tobacco Inc.
Tetsuo Tsuji Visiting Researcher, Institute of Gerontology/ Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo
Osamu Watanabe Director, Special Advisor, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.
Hiroko Ota President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies


Research Output

Reports by Study Group 

Policy Recommendations to the Government of Japan on the Indo-Pacific Cooperation.

“Towards the Stability of International Order and Promotion of International Cooperation
in the Post-Pandemic Indo-Pacific”


Policy Analysis Focus

”Potential Economic Impact of India joining CPTPP”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, April 2024(PDF:111KB)

”Spillover Effects of NTM Reductions”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, January 2024(PDF:124KB)

”Economic Impact of the US and/or China joining CPTPP”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, October 2023(PDF:116KB)

”Impact of Carbon Pricing in East Asia”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, April 2023(PDF:274KB)

”The Impact of Carbon Pricing on the EU Member States”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, April 2023(PDF:175KB)

”Impact of Carbon Pricing on Economy and Trade”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, April 2023(PDF:172KB)

”Economic Impact of Trade Liberalization in the Asia-Pacific”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, September 2022(PDF:121KB)

”Effects of Trade Sanctions on Russia”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, May 2022 (PDF: 124KB)

”Economic Impact of RCEP Tariff Reductions”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, December 2021 (PDF: 125KB)

“Economic Impact of Further Tariff Reductions”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, June 2021 (PDF: 511KB)

“Progress and Economic Impact of Trade Agreements”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, October 2020 (PDF: 488KB)

“Overview of the Economic Effects of COVID-19″, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, July 2020 (PDF: 497KB)

“The Crisis of the WTO: The Crux of the “Appellate Body Problem” and Potential Solutions”, Osamu Nishiwaki, Executive Adviser, GRIPS ALLIANCE, December 2019 (PDF: 266KB)

“Preliminary Review of the Achievement of the Bogor Goals”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, October 2019 (PDF:132KB)

“Economic Impact of EPAs between Japan and the EU”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, June 2019 (PDF:431KB)

“Economic Impact of EPAs beyond TPP11”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, October 2018(PDF:320KB)

“Economic Impact of US Tariff Hikes”, Kenichi Kawasaki, Professor, GRIPS ALLIANCE, June 2018(PDF:282KB)


Temporary Activity Reports by Study Groups



Other Information

【Kunihiko Shinoda, Executive Advisor】

Article: “Japan's Policy toward Materializing Cooperation with the Global South   ~Realizing the Rule of Law, Resolving Global Issues and Strengthening Connectivity~
Website: The Japan Institute of International Affairs, AJISS-Commentary (2023/8/4)


【Hideshi Tokuchi, Senior Fellow】

Website: Organization for Research on China and ASIA (ORCA)(2024/1/9)

Article: “Japan as a more reliable security partnership in this connected world
Magazine: The European issue48(pp.26-27, 2023/9)

Article: “Japan’s 2024 Defense Budget Request and Future Prospects
Website: The Prospect Foundation (2023/09/14)

Article: “Expectations to the Camp David Trilateral Summit Meeting - A Japanese View
Website: Korean On Point(2023/8/14)

Article: “Impact of Russian Invasion of Ukraine on East Asian Security
Magazine: Prospect&Exploration(Vol.21 No.7 pp.62-74, 2023/7)


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