Contemporary Southeast Asia Policy Research Network


Based on the cooperative relationships that GRIPS Alliance has built with universities, research institutes, think tanks and international organizations, the Contemporary Southeast Asia Policy Research Network (PRN-SEA) aims to;

1) Build a network of policy research to address the challenges faced in Southeast Asia, and
2)Conduct joint policy researches on topics of common interest to each country, and raise issues /provide policy proposals to the governments concerned.


Launch of “Contemporary Southeast Asia Policy Research Network”


Status of each research cluster

Project Title:

Great Power Rivalry and Maritime Order【GRIPS Project】:

Yusuke Takagi (GRIPS):

 "In Search of Maritime Governance Cooperation: A Case Study of the Sulu Celebes Seas"

 "The politics of grand strategy in an emerging state: a case study on Philippine diplomacy toward China"

Jane Chan(S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore):

 "Rules-based Order and Maritime Southeast Asia"

Shafiah Muhibat(CSIS, Indonesia):

 "The Making of a Regional institution: Southeast Asia and Major Powers"

Bhubhindar Singh(RSIS, Singapore):

 "Southeast Asia’s Response to the US-China Strategic Competition"

Hideshi Tokuchi(GRIPS):

 "The US alliance network and the regional maritime order"

Vo Xuan Vinh(VASS, Vietnam):

 "Maritime Security Challenges in Southeast Asia"


State Response to Extremism【GRIPS Project】:

Jamhari Makruf(Universitas Islam Negri Syarif Hidayatullah、Indonesia):

 "The Roots of Indonesia's Resilience Against Violent Extremism"

Takeshi Kohno(TOYO EIWA University):

 "To Combat Extremism, How to Frame Religion Matters: Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Singapore in Comparative Perspective"

Kamarulnizam Abdullah(Universiti Utara Malaysia、Malaysia):

 "Malaysia's Navigation against Salafi-Wahabi Ideological Expansionism: State's Strong Role and Societal Resilience"

Julkipli Wadi(University of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines):

 "Contested State and the Challenge of Violent Extremism in the Philippines"

Norshahril Saat(ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore):

 "Managing Islam in Singapore: A Strong and Resilient State"


Sustainable Economic Development【ERIA-GRIPS Project】

Shujiro Urata(WASEDA University):

Cluster Coordinator

Dionisius A. Narjoko(ERIA, Indonesia):

 "Foreign Direct Investment, Agglomeration, and Production Networks in Indonesian Manufacturing"
(Originaly published as ERIA Discussion Papers)

Cassey Lee(ISEAS, Malaysia):

 "GVCs and Premature Deindustrialization in Malaysia"
(Originaly published as ERIA Discussion Papers)

Rafaelita Aldaba(PIDS, Philippines):

 "Philippines: FDI Firm-level Determinants and Spillover Effects"
(Originaly published as ERIA Discussion Papers)

Shandre Thangavelu(University of Adelaide, Singapore):

 "Investment Facilitation and Promotion in Cambodia: Impact of Provincial Level Characteristics on Multinational Activities"

 "Structural Changes and Impact of FDI in the Singapore Manufacturing Activities"
(Originaly published as ERIA Discussion Papers)

Archanun Kophaiboon(Thammasat University, Thailand):

 "Changes in Trade and Investment Policies in Thailand and Implication of Medium-term Growth"
(Originaly published as ERIA Discussion Papers)

Nguyen Huy Hoang(VASS, Vietnam):

 "The Nexus between Inward Foreign Direct Investment and Global Value Chains in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Vietnam"
(Originaly published as ERIA Discussion Papers)

Ayako Obashi (Aoyama Gakuin University~2023, Keio University 2023.04~):

 "Overview of FDI, trade and GVCs in East Asia”
(Originaly published as ERIA Discussion Papers)


Development Cooperation Partnership【JICA Project】:

Hiroaki Shiga(JICA Ogata Research Institute):

 "Changing Landscape of Development Cooperation in Southeast Asia: Great power rivalry and ASEAN aspiration"

Yurius Purwadi Hermawan(Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Indonesia):

 "Lesson Learned from the Establishment of the Indonesian Agency for International Development (Indonesian AID)"

Juita Mohamad(ISIS,Malaysia):

Nguyen Huy Hoang (VASS, Vietnam):

 "Changing Landscape of ODA in Southeast Asia: The Case of Viet Nam (Viet Nam’s SSC toward neighboring countries)"

Siriporn Wajjwalku(Thammasat University, Thailand)):

 "Thailand: Moving forward to be an active regional provider"


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