Privacy Policy


Basic Guidelines

This GRIPS website collects information on visitors to this website within the range necessary for smooth operation of the website. Collected information is handled properly within the range of purposes of use.


Purposes of Use

Opinions and other information that GRIPS collects on this website are used, as reference, for GRIPS operation in future. Such information is also used for operating this website and analyzing the conditions of use of the website.


Collecting Information

This GRIPS website automatically collects visitors’ domain names, IP addresses, pages visited on the GRIPS website. It also collects visitors’ personal information that can identify the visitors, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, and questions when they send entry forms.


Safety Control Measures

This GRIPS website controls collected personal information. It also takes and improves safety control measures that are necessary and proper to prevent leak and loss of and damage to personal information held by the website.


Disclosure to Third Parties

GRIPS neither uses personal information collected by the website for purposes other than the given purposes nor provides for third parties. However, in the event that disclosure of a visitor’s personal information is required by law or in the event that a visitor’s unlawful act on the website, including unauthorized access or blackmail, is identified, GRIPS may provide the personal information for a third party outside GRIPS, subject to the visitor’s prior approval or consent.


Scope of Application

This privacy policy is applied, among the websites of GRIPS, to the all-campus website (“”) alone that is operated and controlled by GRIPS. GRIPS bears no liability for the content of the external websites to which the GRIPS website has links.



This privacy policy is subject to revision from time to time, if necessary, in order to comply with the laws and ordinances concerning protection of personal information and other rules and regulations.



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