Study Abroad Programs/List of Student Exchange Schools

To offer students a variety of fulfilling educational opportunities, GRIPS has student-exchange and study-abroad relationships with the following university. 

List of Student Exchange School

Countries and Regions Name of School

University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (UCASS)

【Fall】  September – December
【Spring】March – June
・Some programs are offered in English
・Student must pay tuition to host university

Guide for Studying Abroad

GRIPS has signed MOU of Student Exchange Agreement with one school. All exchange students shall pay tuition to the host university, in addition to tuition payable to GRIPS. 


  1. Preparation
    1. How to go abroad
      Please refer to the term dates of the List of Exchange Schools, and inform the IPT office at least 5 months before the desired departure time. GRIPS and the host school will discuss matters such as curriculum and credit transfer. After obtaining the approval of the program director, GRIPS will submit the application form to the host school. The application documents differ slightly for each host school, however, in general, they include an application form, a statement of purpose, recommendation letters, transcripts (for bachelor’s and master’s work), graduation certificates (BA), photos, a passport copy, and your TOEFL score. After receiving the letter of acceptance from the host school, we will support you in your departure preparations, such as visa and dormitory applications.
    2. Passport
      Please be sure your passport is up to date. For a short-term exchange program, some countries do not require a visa, however, please be aware that you may need to have a certain number of days left until the passport expiration date. Also, if your passport will expire while you are abroad, please make sure to renew the passport before departure.
    3. Flight ticket
      Please book and purchase your own flight ticket. 
    4. Compliance rules
      ・After arrival, please inform IPT of your contact address immediately.
      ・If you go on a trip while you are abroad, please inform your family in advance.
      ・If you encounter trouble, such as accidents or illness, please contact IPT.
      ・If you want to change the duration of your stay, please contact IPT and receive permission from GRIPS.
    5. Upon return
      Please check with IPT about the required documents for credit transfer (transcript, bulletin and school guidelines) and be sure to bring them back with you.
  2. For more information please contact

       Academic Programs Office



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