SHINODA, Kunihiko

Position Professor, Executive Advisor(GRIPS Alliance)
Degree Master of Science in Industrial Administration (MSIA), Carnegie Mellon University
Specialty Trade Policy, International Economic Policy
Current Research Interests Asian economy, Regional Economic Integration in Asia, Indo-Pacific cooperation
  • Professional Career

He joined Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 1988 and was Director (APEC&FTA), Trade Policy Bureau, METI (2005-2008), Director, Financial Cooperation Division, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, (2008-2010), Director, Asia and Pacific Division, Trade Policy Bureau (2010-2012) and Deputy Director-General for Trade Policy, Trade Policy Bureau (2017-2019). He was engaged in negotiations on FTAs such as RCEP and economic cooperation with ASEAN, China and India in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). He was also posted in Asian countries such as the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines (1996-1999), JODC Bangkok Office (2002-2005), JOGMEC Beijing Office (2012-2014) and Japan-China Economic Association Beijing Office (2014-2017). He was seconded to the GRIPS in 2019 and become a professor at GRIPS in 2022. He has been engaged in research and education on Asian economy and Indo-Pacific cooperation.


  • Selected publications

・”Economic Integration in East Asia — Perspectives from Spatial and Neoclassical Economics-” edited by Masahisa Fujita, Satoru Kumagai and Koji Nishikimi (October 2008, Edward Elgar Publishing)

“Chapter 5. Evolution of Institutions and Policies for Economic Integration in East Asia: History and Prospects”Yoshihiro Otsuji and Kunihiko Shinoda

・”ASEAN-Japan Relations” edited by Takashi Shiraishi and Takaaki Kojima (2013, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore)

"Chapter 8. Evolution of Institution and Policies for Economic Integration in East Asia: The Rise of China and Changes in the Regional Order" Yoshihiro Otsuji and Kunihiko Shinoda

・”RCEP and East Asia" edited by Koichi Ishikawa, Kazushi Shimizu and Seiya Sukegawa (June 2022, Bunshindo)

“Chapter 2: RCEP and Japan: Progress in Negotiations and Japan's FTA Strategy" Kunihiko Shinoda


  • Other notable activities and achievements

Policy Research Network on Contemporary Southeast Asia,

Study Group on Indo-Pacific Cooperation

Joint research and webinar with universities and research institutes in Southeast Asia (CSIS-GRIPS-RSIS Webinar, FPCI-GRIPS Public Forum, etc.)

"The Dynamism of Trading Companies for Realization of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific" Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc.


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Asian economy, Regional Economic Integration in Asia, Indo-Pacific cooperation


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