TAKAGI, Yusuke

Position Associate Professor
Director, Maritime Safety and Security Program, Associate Director, G-cube Program
Degree Doctor of the Science of Law、Keio University
Specialty Area Studies (Southeast Asia), Political Science
Current Research Interests State Building, Policymaking


  •  Career

Yusuke Takagi is an Associate Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo, JAPAN. He received the Doctor of the Science of Law from Keio University. Before joining GRIPS, he worked at De La Salle University - Manila and the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. He teaches graduate courses on political science focusing on Southeast Asian countries as well as other emerging countries. His recent works are in the Researchmap.


  • Selected Publication

Journal Articles

Yusuke Takagi “The politics of grand strategy in an emerging state: a case study on Philippine diplomacy toward China” Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies 11(2) pp. 329-345, 2023.


Yusuke Takagi “Policy Making after Revolution: The Faces of Local Transformation of the Philippines” Southeast Asian Studies 10(2) pp. 199-222, 2021.


Yusuke Takagi “The nexus of nationalism and internationalism: the journey of a “diplomat” after the galleons” The Philippine Review of Economics 57(2) pp. 49-68, 2020.


Yusuke Takagi “Policy coalitions and ambitious politicians: A case study on the Philippine social policy reform” Philippine Political Science Journal 38(1) pp. 28-47, 2017.


Yusuke Takagi “The ‘Filipino First' Policy and the Central Bank, 1958–1961: Island of State Strength and Economic Decolonization” Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints 62(2) pp. 233-261, 2014.


Yusuke Takagi “Beyond the Colonial State: Central Bank Making as State Building in the 1930s” Southeast Asian Studies 3(1) pp. 85-117, 2014.


Yusuke Takagi “Politics of the Great Debate in the 1950s: Revisiting Economic Decolonization in the Philippines” Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies 23(1) pp. 91-114, 2008.



Yusuke Takagi “Technocracy and Populism in the Philippines” In Magnus Feldmann and Glenn Morgan eds. Business and Populism: The Odd Couple? (Oxford UP, 2023).


Yusuke Takagi, Veerayooth Kanchoochat, Tetsushi Sonobe eds. Developmental State Building: The Politics of Emerging Economies (Springer Open, 2019).


Yusuke Takagi Central Banking as State Building: Policymakers and Their Nationalism in the Philippines, 1933-1964. (Ateneo de Manila UP, National University of Singapore Press, and Kyoto UP, 2016 (The 34th Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Award, Finalist, The 36th National Book Awards 2017)).


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