TAKADA, Hirofumi

Position Vice President; Director, Regional Policy Concentration; Deputy Director, Young Leaders Program (School of Local Governance); Professor
Degree LL.M. (Harvard Law School)
Specialty Local Public Administration and Finance, Local Revitalization
Current Research Interests Comparative Research in Local Governance, Human Resources Development in Local Governments
  • Professional Career
1983 Joined the Ministry of Home Affairs
1989 Director-General, Ashikaga Tax Office, National Tax Agency
1990 Director (Human Resources Development Division, Taxation Division, Finance Division), Niigata Prefecture
1994 Deputy Director (Quasi-Local Public Enterprise Office, Subsidies for Political Parties Office, Political Funds Regulation Division), Ministry of Home Affairs
Deputy Director-General (Health, Medical and Welfare Department, Commerce, Industry and Labor Department), Director-General (Lake Biwa and Environment Department, General Affairs Department), Shiga Prefecture
2002 Director, Litigation Division, Fund for Local Government Employees’ Accident Compensation
2003 Director, Subsidies for Political Parties Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
2004 Professor, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies, Kobe University
Professor, GRIPS
2008 Director, Financial Management Division, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
2009 Counselor, Cabinet Secretariat (Regional Revitalization Bureau)
2011 Secretary-General, National Commission for the Management of Political Funds, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
President, Japan Intercultural Academy of Municipalities
2013 Executive Director, Hazardous Materials Safety Techniques Association
Professor, GRIP
  • Selected publication

“Introduction: Policies on Children and Childrearing by Urban Municipalities” and “Part 1, Chapter 6: Policies on Children and Childrearing by Urban Municipalities – Survey Results and Future Directions” in Policies on Children and Childrearing by Urban Municipalities, Japan Municipal Research Center, pp.1-14 and 131-139, 2017 (in Japanese)

“Local Governance and Decentralization in Asian Countries – What Determines the Form of Decentralization and Local Governance?” Koei-Kigyo (Local Public Enterprise) Vol. 46 No. 1, pp.2-14, 2014 (in Japanese)

“Decentralization in East and Southeast Asia – From the COSLOG Symposium –“ Chihou-Jichi (Local Autonomy) No.715, pp.2-24, 2007 (in Japanese)

“Strategy of Foreign Countries and International Organizations for International Cooperation in Local Governance” in Investigative Research Report on International Cooperation in Local Governance, Japan Center for Cities, pp.33-53, 2007 (in Japanese)

  • Social contribution

Member, Evaluation Committee on Revitalization Grants for Depopulated Areas, MIC, 2016-

Member of the Board of Directors, Japan Municipal Training and Research Foundation, 2018-

Advisor, EROPA (Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration) Local Government Center, 2016-

Chairperson, Committee for the Formulation of the Next Term Administrative Reform Outline, Aichi Prefecture, 2019

  • E-mail: takada-h

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