HOSOE, Nobuhiro

Position Director of One-year Master's Program of Public Policy (MP1) and Two-year Master's Program of Public Policy (MP2); Professor
Degree Ph.D. (Economics), Osaka University
Specialty Computational Economics, Economic Simulation Analysis
Current Research Interests Policy Simulation Analysis of Food Security and Agricultural Trade Liberalization, Empirical Analysis of Regulatory Reforms in the Power Utility
  • Professional Career

1995 Projects Assistant, Middle East and North Africa Region Department II, the World Bank
1997-1999 Research Fellow, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
1999 Ph. D. in Economics, Osaka University
1999- Associate Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
1999-2001 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Policy Science, Saitama University
2002 Visiting Fellow, Economic Growth Center, Yale University
2004-2006 Visiting Researcher, Institute for Transport Policy Studies
2011-2014 Deputy Director, Public Policy Program, GRIPS
2011- Program Manager of the CAMPUS Asia Program

2014- Director, Public Policy Program, GRIPS


  • Selected publications
Hosoe, N., Tanaka, M. (forthcoming) "Divestiture of TEPCO for Reparation for the Fukushima Nuclear Accident-A Path to Vertical Unbundling," Energy Policy.

Hosoe, N., Takagi, S. (2012) "Retail Power Market Competition with Endogenous Entry Decision-An Auction Data Analysis," Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 26(3): 351-368.

Akiyama, S., Hosoe, N. (2011) "A Spatial Equilibrium Analysis of Japan's Electric Power Network," Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies 23(2-3): 114-136.

Tanaka, T., Hosoe, N. (2011) “Does Agricultural Trade Liberalization Increase Risks of Supply-side Uncertainty?: Effects of Productivity Shocks and Export Restrictions on Welfare and Food Supply in Japan,” Food Policy 36(3): 368-377.

Hosoe, N., Gasawa, K., Hashimoto, H. (2010) Textbook of Computable General Equilibrium Modelling: Programming and Simulations, Palgrave Macmillan, June.

Hosoe, N., Akiyama, S. (2009) "Regional Electric Power Demand Elasticities of Japan's Industrial and Commercial Sectors," Energy Policy 37(11): 4313-4319.

Hosoe, N. (2009) "Impact Analysis of Entry Barriers upon the Coastal Freight Service," Keizai Bunseki(Economic Analysis) 182: 94-106. (Japanese Article)

Takagi, S., Hosoe, N. (2009) "Kouri-denryoku-nyusatsu-ni-okeru Ousatsu-ishi-kettei-to Jiyuka-no Kyoso-sokushin-koka (Effects of Competition with Endogenous Entry Decision on the Retail Power Market–– An Auction Data Analysis)," Nihon Keizai Kenkyu (JCER Economic Journal) 61: 1-26. (Japanese article)

Hosoe, N. (2006) "The Deregulation of Japan's Electricity Industry," Japan and the World Economy18(2): 230-246.

Sakurai, K., Hosoe, N. (2005) "Is the Hokkaido tourism promotion plan just a trial balloon?", Transport Policy Studies' Review 8 (1): 2-10. (Japanese Article)

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Hosoe, N. (2004) "Crop Failure, Price Regulation, and Emergency Imports of Japan's Rice Sector in 1993," Applied Economics 36 (10): 1051-1056.

Hosoe, N. (2001) "A General Equilibrium Analysis of Jordan's Trade Liberalization," Journal of Policy Modeling 23 (6): 595-600.

Hosoe, N. (2000) "Dependency of Simulation Results on the Choice of Numeraire," Applied Economics Letters 7 (7): 475-477.


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