Position Director, Student Office; Associate Professor
Degree Ph.D. (Economics), University of Tokyo
Specialty Industrial Organization Theory, Law and Economics
Current Research Interests Intellectual Property Law
  • Professional Career

1989 BA (Economics), University of Tokyo
1992 MA (Economics), University of Tokyo
1994 Lecturer, Asia University
1998 Associate Professor, Asia University
1999 Ph.D. (Economics), University of Tokyo
Associate Professor, GRIPS


  • Selected publications
(1)”Effects on investment by judicial environment and patent breath”(2003) (in Japanese) Chap.11 inintellectual property and innovation edited by Goto, Akira. and Nagaoka, Sadao.(2003) pp337-368,The University of Tokyo Press

(2)”Sanction Mechanism against Firms -Comparison between Criminal Action and Civil Action”(in Japanese) (with Takashi Shimizu and Kanji Muramatsu) Chap.9 pp227-262 in Economics of Incentive Mechanism Design (2003) edited by Ito, Hideshi. and Osano, Hiroshi. Keisou |hobou

(3)”Way of Fund Raising and Distribution of Votes and Profits”(in Japanese) chap.9 of pp.279-302 inEconomics of Company Law (1998) edited by Miwa, Y. Kanda, H. and Yanagawa, N. The University of Tokyo Press

(4)”Access to the Japanese Market by Asian Countries: A Case Study of the Wool Industry”(with Ito, Motoshige.) chapter 8 pp.223-240 in Trade and Protectionism (1993)edited by Takatoshi Ito,Anne O.Krueger National Bureau of Economic Research ,The University of Chicago Press (1993)

Published papers:

(5)”Essays on Quality Choice and Product Liability”(1999) The Ph.D. Thesis in Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo

(6)”The effects of product liability on international trade”(in Japanese) (1996) Sekai keizai hyouron Vol.40 No.9 pp52-59

(7)”Timing of Introducing the New Type of Durable Goods”(1996) Journal of Economics Asia University (Keizaigaku-kiyou) pp67-79Vol.20 No.1

(8)”A Survey on Product Liability Law”(1996) Journal of Economics Asia University (Keizaigaku-kiyou)pp121-136 Vol 20 No.2-3

(9)”Market Structure and Durability Choice”(1992) Master Thesis in Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo


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