Position Director of Strategic Studies Program; Professor
Degree Ph.D. (Law), Kyoto University
Specialty International Politics; European Diplomatic History
Current Research Interests The Historical Significance of Arms Control and Disarmament in Europe and their Applicability in Asia
  • Education and Career

BA (Faculty of Law), Kyoto University, 1986. Ph.D. (Faulty of Law), Kyoto University, 1997. Research Assistant of Kyoto University, 94-97. Special Assistant of the Japanese Embassy in Germany, 1998-2000. Associate Professor at GRIPS since 2000.


  • Selected publications

・Pascal Lottaz and Yoko Iwama (eds.) Neutral Europe and the Creation of the Nonproliferation Regime:1958-1968, Routledge, 2023.

・John Baylis and Yoko Iwama (eds.) Joining the Non-Proliferation Treaty: Deterrence, Non-Proliferation and the American Alliance, Routledge, 2018.


  • Areas in which you can provide media response

German foreign and security policy, NATO, European Security, Japanese security, Nuclear sharing, nuclear deterrence.


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