MASUYAMA, Mikitaka

Position Deputy Director of Young Leaders Program (School of Government); Professor
Degree Ph.D., (Political Science) University of Michigan
Specialty Japanese Politics, Legislative Institutions, Political Methodology
Current Research Interests My current research focuses on representative democracy, with a particular interest in the workings of the separation of legislative powers, the development of parliamentary procedures and practices, and the institutionalization of party organizations.
  • Professional Career

1999 Lecturer, Seikei University
2000 Associate Professor, Seikei University
2001 Ph.D., University of Michigan
2004 Professor, Seikei University
2005 Professor, Keio University
2009 Professor, GRIPS
2011 Advisor to the President, GRIPS
2014 Vice President, Dean, GRIPS
2017 Executive Vice President, Dean, GRIPS


  • Selected publications
Legislative Power and Democracy. (in Japanese) Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, 2015.
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"Parliamentary Management and Elections: A Heteroskedastic Probit Model of Legislative Voting" 2001. (in Japanese) Japanese Journal of Electoral Studies. 16: 55-66.
# the 6th Miyake Award for Best Work in Japanese Politics
"Is the Japanese Diet Consensual?" 2000. Journal of Legislative Studies. 6(4): 9-28.
"Agenda Power in the Japanese House of Representatives." with G. Cox and M. McCubbins. 2000.Japanese Journal of Political Science. 1: 1-21.
"Analyzing Legislative Time" 2000. (in Japanese) Leviathan 26: 150-167.
  • Social contributions
Editorial Committee Member, "Leviathan," 2009-present.
Book Review Committee Member, "Leviathan," 2008-2010.
Program Officer, Ministry of Education, Research Promotion Bureau, 2006-2008.
Public Information Committee Chair, Musashino City, 2005-2009.
Administrative Evaluation Committee Vice Chair, Adachi Ward, 2005-2008.
Steering Committee Member, "21st Century Rincho," 2004-present.
Editorial Committee Member, "Public Choice Studies," 2004-2011.
Local Governance Planning Committee Member, Musashino City, 2003-2004.
Official Exam Preparation Committee Member, National Personnel Authority, Human Resource Bureau, 2002-2009.
  • Other notable activities
Research Project Leader of Comparative Legislative Information Project (with the JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research [S] FY2010-2014, FY2015-2019)
  • E-mail: mmasuyama

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