Position Member, Board of Trustees; Vice President; Professor
Degree Ph.D. (Economics), London School of Economics
Specialty Economics (Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics)
Current Research Interests Evaluation of public training policies and programs. Prevalence and impact of work-life-balance policies.
  • Professional Career

1991 Research Fellow, Institute for Research on Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania
1994 Visiting Assistant Professor, Economics Department, Barnard College, Columbia University
1995 Associate Professor, Economics Department, Josai University
1998 Visiting Associate Professor, University of the Air
2000 Associate Professor, Economics Department, Meiji Gakuin University
2002 Professor, Economics Department, Meiji Gakuin University
2003 Associate Professor, GRIPS
2004 Professor, GRIPS


  • Selected publications

Managerial Economics: a Microeconomic Approach (in Japanese), Hoso Daigaku Kyoiku Shinko Kai (University of the Air text book), 1999.

“A method for the analysis of the timing and magnitude of events in a continuous-time panels: the effects of British incomes policy 1950-73” (with Stephen Pudney), Journal of Econometrics, September, Vol.59, 161-185, 1993.

“The extent and impact of enterprise training: the case of Kitakyushu city”, The Japanese Economic Review, Vol.52, No.2, 224-242, 2001.

“Transition from school to work in Japan” (with Yuji Genda), Journal of Japanese and International Economies, Vol.15, 1-24, 2001.

“Satisfaction, wages, training and productivity of new hires (in Japanese)”, The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, January, No.499, 71-85, 2002. (received the 3rd annual award for research paper on labour, an award given by the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training)

“Effect of public training programs on participant’s earnings in Japan (in Japanese)”, The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, May, No. 514, 38-49, 2003.

“Pension reform and the labor supply effect for elderly males (in Japanese)” (with Kayoko Ishii), The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, August, No.589, 43-64, 2009.

“Public training for the unemployed: differences in the outcome depending on who is providing the training and how it is provided (in Japanese)” (with Keisuke Hotokeishi) The Japanese Journal of Labour Studies, January, No.618, 16~34, 2012.

“How do high school graduates in Japan compete for regular, full-time jobs? An empirical analysis based upon an internet survey of the youth”(with Ken Ariga, Fumio Ohtake, and Masaru Sasaki) Japanese Economic Review, Volume 63, Issue 3, p.348~379, 2012.

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