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GRIPS・ICHARM Joint symposium”Together with the people coping with increasing water-related disasters in the world” on September 30th

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Dr. Taketo Uomoto (Chief executive, PWRI)
Dr. Takashi Shiraishi (President, GRIPS)


Dr. Koji Ikeuchi (Director-General, Water and Disaster
  Management Bureau, MLIT)
Mr. Masashi Akiba(on behalf of Mr. Shigeharu Kato,
  Director-General for International Affairs, MEXT)


[Goals, strategies and achievements of ICHARM]
Prof. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi (ICHARM Director)
[ICHARM’s challenges of water-related disaster risk reduction](Tentative)
Prof. Toshio Koike (University of Tokyo)


[Disasters in the world]
Hurricane Sandy 2012 
 Dr. Kate White (Senior Lead for Global and Climate 
 Change, Institute of Water Resources, US Army Corps of Engineers)
Typhoon Haiyan 2013 
 Prof. Estudillo Jonna (GRIPS)
Indus flood 2010 
 Dr. Hazrat Mir (Acting DG of Pakistan Meteorological Department)

Panel discussion

[Towards Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction, ICHARM's 

 [Moderator] Prof. Toshio Koike(University of Tokyo) 
 Dr. Kate White (US Army Corps of Engineers), 
 Prof. Estudillo Jonna (GRIPS), 
 Dr. Hazat Mir (PMD), 
 Prof. Tadashi Yamada (Chuo University), 
 Prof. Kaoru Takara (Kyoto University), 
 Prof. Taikan Oki (University of Tokyo), 
 Mr. Hirokazu Tsukahara (Chief, River Planning Division,


Mr. Hiroshi Fujisawa (Executive, PWRI)


Date / Time 2014.9.30/14:00/17:30
SpeakerSpeaker: Dr. Kuniyoshi Takeuchi (ICHARM Director), Prof. Toshio Koike (University of Tokyo)
Title“International Symposium: Together with the People coping with increasing water-related disasters in the world-”
Venue GRIPS Sokairo Hall, 1st Floor
Fee Free (prior registration required)
Language Japanese, (English simultaneous interpretation provided)

7-22-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8677

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