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The 4th FPCI-GRIPS Public Forum
“Indonesia and OECD Membership: Weighing the Political-Economic Implications”


GRIPS is collaborating with FPCI (Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia) in convening the FPCI-GRIPS Public Forum, an open public webinar series where experts and policymakers can discuss the most pressing issues of international affairs and foreign policy with researchers and students across Southeast Asia and Japan. At the 4th forum of the year 2023, we will focus on the Indonesia and OECD Membership under the theme of “Indonesia and OECD Membership: Weighing the Political-Economic Implications.” In order to broaden the scope of the Forum and incorporate the opinions of the wider international community, speakers from Indonesia and Japan will be invited to participate in the discussion.


〇 Background:

In July 2023, Indonesia officially announced its interest to join the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – an international organization established by the European nations in 1961. Should Indonesia join the OECD, it will be the third Asian country member after Japan and South Korea.


The OECD membership is expected to lift up Indonesia’s economic credibility on the global playing field as it aims to enhance the standards to which Indonesia’s economic and social policies would adhere to. The main questions emerged from Indonesia's decision to pursue OECD membership are not merely what would be the benefits, but also what would be the political and economic costs that Indonesia has to anticipate; and what does OECD membership mean for Indonesia’s foreign policy and posture towards certain countries and any other multilateral economic groupings. such as BRICS.


This forum will discuss the various implications of the approval of Indonesia's OECD membership, OECD diplomacy and Indonesia's relations with neighboring countries, and some other priority issues.


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〇 Date and Time: Tuesday, 30 January 2024 at 16:00 - 17:30 Tokyo Time

〇 Format of the Webinar: Zoom webinar

〇 Participation Fees: Free

〇 Language: English(No interpretation)

〇 Theme: “Indonesia and OECD Membership: Weighing the Political-Economic Implications”.


〇How to access the forum(Pre-registration is required)

Please register via below URL and you will receive an invitation email.



1.Amb. Yoshifumi Okamura, Vice President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and Former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Japan to the OECD

2.Dr. Muhammad Hadianto, Deputy Director/Lead Coordinator for Multilateral Cooperation on Economy, Finance, and International Financial Institution Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Republic of Indonesia

3.Ms. Shinta Kamdani, Chairman of Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO)*



Ms. Lusia Novita Sari, FPCI Women in Foreign Policy Fellow


〇Program (Japan Time, Jakarta Time)

16:00~16:10  14:00~14:10  Opening Remarks by Amb. Okamura

16:10~16:45  14:10~14:45  Moderated Discussion led by moderator

16:45~17:25  14:45~15:25  Question and Answer Session with the public

17:25~17:30  15:25~15:30  Closing by MC


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