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The 5th FPCI-GRIPS Public Forum “Asia’s Contribution to the World: Toward Reducing Poverty and Inequality”

 GRIPS is collaborating with FPCI (Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia) in convening the FPCI-GRIPS Public Forum, a monthly discussion series where experts and policy makers can discuss the most pressing issues of international affairs and foreign policy with researchers and students across Southeast Asia and Japan.


 At the 5th forum, we will focus on poverty and inequality problems.


 The emerging economies of Asia have achieved high economic growth and have been the driving force of the global economy, marked by a massive reduction of poverty in the region. In fact, Asia has seen hundreds of millions of citizens rise out of poverty since the 1960s.

 However, fast growth and poverty reduction has been accompanied by rising inequality.

The expansion of COVID-19 has led to the emergence of poverty and inequality problems in many countries, which are destabilizing the international order. In order to show the world Asia’s strategy in solving the problems of poverty and inequality caused by the pandemic, we will analyze these issues and discuss future directions.


Please join us and watch the forum!


〇 Date and Time: Wed, March 2 2022 at 16:00-17:30(Japan time)

〇 Format of the Webinar: Zoom webinar

Participation Fees: Free

〇 Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation to Japanese is available)

〇 Theme: “Asia’s Contribution to the World: Toward Reducing Poverty and Inequality”


- Points to be discussed:

・Against this backdrop of COVID-19 and the state of poverty and social as well as economic inequality, what is the update of south-south cooperation? Is south-south cooperation still effective in addressing these issues?

・East Asia is now home for the largest trade agreements of RCEP and CPTPP and many FTAs signed bilaterally between countries in the region in the past years, how effective these development address poverty and inequality?

・How do we strategize economic recovery plan from Covid-19 that also addresses the poverty and inequality? What is the right prescription to address this issue?


- Panelists:

Dr. Yasuyuki Sawada, Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo

Dr. Vivi Yulaswati, Expert Staff on Economy on Social Affairs and Poverty Reduction, Ministry of National Development Planning, Indonesia

Prof. Izumi Ohno, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Dr. Vivi Alatas, Former Chief Economist of the World Bank Indonesia


- Moderator:

Dr. Maxensius Tri Sambodo, Senior Researcher at National Research and Innovation Agency/BRIN


〇How to access the webinar: (Pre-registration required)

Please register via below URL and you will receive an invitation email.


〇Program (Japan Time)   

  1. 16:00~16:05  Welcoming Remarks by Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, FPCI
  2. 16:05~16:10  Opening Remarks by, H.E Ambassador Yutaka Iimura, Visiting Professor GRIPS  
  3. 16:10~17:00     Moderated Discussion
  4. 17:00~17:25     Q&A Session
  5. 17:25~17:30     Closing


Any questions, please contact GRIPS Alliance Administrative Office via email(


 Poster 2 March 2022 Updated


Date / Time Wed, March 2 /2022 16:00(Japan Time)
TitleAsia's Contribution to the World: Toward Reducing Poverty and Inequality
Venue Online
Fee Free
Language English (Simultaneous interpretation to Japanese is available)

7-22-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8677

TEL : +81-(0)3-6439-6000     
FAX : +81-(0)3-6439-6010


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