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International Symposium on “Thailand’s Turbulent Politics: Peering Ahead”

Abstract: Thailand has been transformed over recent decades by economic growth and globalization.

The political system is now adjusting to these social changes with conflicts between forces old and new.

The process is turbulent, but it is not unusual. This lecture looks in detail at the recent phase of protest,

which began in late 2013, then peers into the future. The resolution of the current conflict will be shaped

by new social changes and by Thailand’s fundamental commitment to economic growth and a role

in the region and the world.


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Date / Time 2014/March/27 14:00-17:00
SpeakerDr. Pasuk Phongpaichit and Dr. Chris Baker
TitleThailand’s Turbulent Politics: Peering Ahead
Venue GRIPS 1st floor Soukairou Hall
Language English

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