Information about tax benefits


Donations to the GRIPS Fund are tax deductible in Japan for residents of Japan filing an annual tax report at a local tax office (Kakutei shinkoku).

However, GRIPS has no information regarding tax benefits for international donations to GRIPS in Japan.


1. Individual Donors


① Income Tax

The amount of your donation in excess of 2000 yen (up to 40% of your annual income for the applicable

year) is eligible as an income deduction.


NOTE: As of January 2018, donations to Study Support Funds are eligible for tax credits in addition to the above income deductions. Donors may select their preferred benet when ling their tax return.


② Inhabitant Tax

Donors residing in Tokyo on January 1st the year following their donation will receive a reduction in

their individual metropolitan inhabitant taxes. The maximum amount of donations eligible is up to

30% of your annual income for the applicable year.

For metropolitan inhabitant taxes, reductions are calculated at a rate of 4% of the amount of your

donation in excess of 2000 yen. (Some wards and municipalities may apply a rate of 6%.)



2. Corporate Donors


The donated amount can be written o in full as a loss.






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