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The GRIPS Fellowship for International Students was established to ensure ongoing acceptance of talented students from other countries for study at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). To date GRIPS has accepted mid-career public administrators from more than 100 countries around the world, mainly developing nations in Asia and Africa. Many of our graduates go on to leading positions in their respective governments, and in that capacity help to strengthen ties between Japan and their countries. We earnestly request your support for foreign nationals to engage in studies at GRIPS.


GRIPS and international students


GRIPS is a graduate institute dedicated to policy studies. International students at GRIPS pursue their studies towards master’s and doctoral degrees.

GRIPS launched English-only degree programs for students from other countries in 1984. Now GRIPS is a highly internationalized university, with international students accounting for more than 60 percent of enrollment, a noteworthy figure. Thus far, more than 3,000 international students have completed programs at GRIPS (or its previous embodiment, the Graduate School of Policy Science, Saitama University, or GSPS).


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Fostering the growth of world-class leaders with deep knowledge about Japan

Our graduates become active as public administrators in central government, government-related institutions, and other organizations in countries around the world. The graduates from overseas return to their countries with substantial knowledge about and affection for Japan. The Japanese graduates also go on to careers as leaders in central governmental ministries and agencies, local governments, and private companies. Thanks to their experience at GRIPS, a venue where they can get to know each other, these emerging leaders have growing professional networks when they return to their careers.






Use of the GRIPS Fellowship funding

Your donations will be used as tuition support for international students, in such forms as the GRIPS Fellowship, which is awarded to GRIPS students with first-rate academic records. GRIPS Fellowship recipients are identified by the Fellowship Committee and Academic Council.


Comments by GRIPS international students

This web page features interviews with GRIPS graduates active on the world stage. Please read the reflections, opinions and aspirations of these promising young professionals.


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