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The GRIPS SDGs Award Fund


The GRIPS SDGs Award was launched in 2019 to promote innovative efforts by GRIPS alumni towards solving the most pressing environmental, social and economic challenges of our time and contributing to the achievement of SDGs. The GRIPS SDGs Award Fund was launched in order to allow the continuation of the award and related events, and also to support GRIPS international students in their studies.


GRIPS and the SDGs


In 2015, 193 countries adopted the framework for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the UN summit in New York, with the goal of creating a better and more sustainable future for all.

GRIPS’ current policy on education, research and management is strongly linked to the SDGs, as we show on our SDGs website (http://www.grips.ac.jp/sdgs/en/).

Furthermore, more than 5,000 GRIPS alumni hailing from over 100 countries and regions are now contributing to the achievement of SDGs by working to improve the lives of people, directly confronting problems such as poverty, disaster and hygiene.

In that light, we have launched the GRIPS SDGs Award to recognize and encourage GRIPS alumni activities contributing to the achievement of the SDGs; and to disseminate GRIPS’s educational achievement to the World.


The GRIPS SDGs Award


The GRIPS SDGs Award contest is open to GRIPS alumni involved in SDG-related activities and projects. We will invite the winner to Japan to talk about his/her activities at some forums and events. For the details of the award, please refer http://www.grips.ac.jp/en/single/sdgs_award/


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Uses of GRIPS SDGs Award Fund

Your donation to the GRIPS SDGs Award Fund will be used in three areas of endeavor, as follows.


(1)  Broad public recognition of excellent initiatives by GRIPS alumni that have contributed to the achievement of the SDGs

  • An award ceremony to commend those who have greatly contributed to the achievement of the SDGs
  • An international symposium inviting representatives from organizations related to the Japanese government, organizations that provide international support, and embassies
  • Lectures in Japan by the winners of the GRIPS SDGs award, and worldwide dissemination of information about their efforts


(2)  Creating an opportunity for collaboration among administrative officials from around the world

We will offer a venue where active-duty administrative officials from around the world will be able to, while visiting Japan, enter into discussion and intellectual exchange with representatives of Japanese companies, and with organizations and groups engaged in the international arena.


(3)  Supporting GRIPS international students

Support for GRIPS international students from a wide range of countries.



Why is your support needed?


National finance difficulties and problems posed by an international society

In the current severe national financial climate in Japan, national universities, which have until now relied solely on support from the national government, are having difficulty remaining in operation. On the other hand, the societal problems faced by nations, international organizations, cities, businesses and civil society are numerous and the cultivation of the human resources who can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by enacting change in societal systems is so necessary.


Your Support Counts

In light of the above, we ask you to kindly make a donation to the GRIPS SDGs Award Fund to help us to (1) operate the GRIPS SDGs Award contest and encourage our alumni who are working hard to tackle societal problems around the world, and (2) educate the human resources who will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in the future.




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