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Taiwan Young Leaders Program 2018

From April 2 to September 28, GRIPS conducted Taiwan Young Leaders Program 2018


This training program aims to deepen the understanding of leadership and policy making through lectures, internships, site visits and research activities. In the program, participants attended some of the regular courses of GRIPS and participated in an internship, GRIPS summer program and field trip. We had this program for the first time this year and welcomed 4 Taiwanese trainees who have been selected among many applicants to the program.


For the research activities, each participant wrote a policy paper on specific subject such as “A Study on CAMPUS Asia Program and its Implications for Taiwan”, “What Can Taiwan Learn from Japan’s Regional Revitalization Strategy”, “A Survey of Japanese Government’s Projects in the Support of Japanese Cinematic Talents” and “Taiwanese Youth’s Political Participation and Generational Politics”. Along with their research topics, participants conducted interviews with experts and practitioners of the field to study Japanese experiences and challenges. Their research activities were mainly supported by the program director, Professor Kiyotaka Yokomichi (Vice President), Professor Mikitaka Masuyama (Vice President), Professor Hirofumi Takada and Adjunct Professor Teiichi SATO (Honorary Director of Tokyo National Museum).


Trainees participated in an internship program and had a chance to experience working with Japanese governments or institutions such as Fukushima Prefecture, Yokohama city and Japan Center for Regional Development etc. They also went on a field trip to Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture to meet a mayor and local government officials and to visit places deeply associated with Taiwan. On the second day of the field trip, they also visited Hagi city and were impressed by a site of Japan’s Meiji industrial revolution as well as its rich history.


台湾プログラム@発表会 台湾プログラム@山口


On the last day of the program, trainees presented their final paper of their research works at a joint workshop with National Chi Nan University in Taiwan which is one of our partner universities. After receiving feedback and advice from participants, each trainees received a certificate of completion of the program.




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