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GRIPS has trained more than 5,400 public policy leaders and researchers who live and work in 117 countries. They form a diverse community that the School continues to support and draw support from. Our graduates have gone on to become ministers, ambassadors, central bank (deputy) governors and, of course, government officials and policy researchers and analysts, all working to actively shape policies and make a difference around the world.


Wherever you go, chances are that you will find a GRIPS alumnus, working in ministries and government agencies, in universities or multilateral organizations.


As our community continues to grow, in close cooperation with local alumni groups we regularly organize events and facilitate gatherings that provide alumni with meaningful social, intellectual and professional networking opportunities.


GRIPS Alumni Platform is now in operation!

We are pleased to announce that GRIPS has commenced operation of a new exchange platform for GRIPS alumni.

This platform replaces the old alumni database system.


Through this exchange platform, we shall provide information on events such as alumni reunions; and collect and disseminate information about recent activities of GRIPS and its faculty members and about the status of our alumni.

We hope this platform will serve as a tool for connecting GRIPS alumni with GRIPS students and staff and faculty members, and among the alumni themselves, thus contributing to the ongoing expansion and vitalization of the GRIPS network.


We kindly ask that you register on GRIPS Alumni Platform at

You will receive an email from the email address below, containing a guide to the new system used by GRIPS.

Please follow the instructions in the email to register for the GRIPS Alumni Platform.


GRIPS Alumni Platform <>





Some Prominent Alumni

GRIPS, over the years, has produced a number of outstanding alumni who serve in prominent positions in the government, academia or international organizations. The following are just a few examples.


AlfonsoVer LooTookGee MubinMirzaev
Alfonso Ver (YLP ’04)
Philippine Ambassador to Bahrain
Loo Took Gee (PP ’90)
Secretary General, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water, Malaysia
Mubin Mirzaev (TE ’02)
Deputy Minister of Finance, Uzbekistan
NguonSokha RajeshKhullar AnwarSanusi
Nguon Sokha (PP ’97)
Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Cambodia 
Rajesh Khullar (YLP ’03)
Principal Secretary, Government of Haryana, India 
Anwar Sanusi (PP ’98; PhD ’07)
Secretary General, Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, Indonesia



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