2. Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars

Hiroshi Nagano



Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Law



Science and Technology Policy


Current Research Interests

Funding System, Research System for young Researchers, International Collaboration, German Research System


 Professional Career

2002.8-2004.6 Director-General for International Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT); Secretary-General, Japanese National Commission for UNESCO

2004.7-2005.7 Director-General, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP)

2005.10-2007.7 Executive Director, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

2007.8-present, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) (at present: Visiting Scholar)

2008.3-2009.12 Chair, Financial Audit Board, The ITER International Fusion Energy Organization

2009.3-present, Guest Professor, Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2010.8-present, Visiting Fellow, Center for R&D Strategy, JST

2011.1-2016.12, Chair, Global Science Forum (GSF), Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

2014.4-2016.12, Advisor to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

2015.4-present, Visiting Professor, Keio University

2015.10-2016.10, President, Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management

2015.10-present, Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

2021.4-present  Program Officer (PO), Department of International Affairs, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)


Selected publications

Hiroshi Nagano “Proposal Toward Achieving Co-Creation of Policies Between Diet Members and Scientists”, The Engineering Academy of Japan, August 2020

Karen Akerlof, Hiroshi Nagano et al.“A collaboratively derived international research agenda on legislative science advice”, palgrave communications, (2019)5:108, natureresearch

Yuko Ito, Hiroshi Nagano “Promotion of Medical R&D in Japan under Abenomics”, GRIPS Discussion Paper 16-11, August 2016

Hiroshi Nagano “Chapter 3: Challenges Facing Japan’s Science and Technology”, Globalizing Japan, Trans Pacific Press. ,2015, pp.53-69

Hiroshi Nagano “Chapter 1: Science and Technology Policy in Japan,” The Dynamics of Regional Innovation, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2012, pp.25-39

Kuniko Urashima, Yoshiko Yokoo and Hiroshi Nagano “S&T policy and foresight investigation – impacts in Japan,” foresight, The journal of futures studies, strategic thinking and policy, vol. 14, no. 1, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012, pp.15-25

Lennart Stenberg, Nagano Hiroshi, “Priority-Setting in Japanese Research and Innovation Policy”, 112p., VINNOVA’s Communication Division, December 2009

Prof. Christopher T. Hill and Nagano Hiroshi, Editorial “New Cooperation in East Asia”, p.1393, SCIENCE, VOL 316, 8 JUNE 2007



Social contributions

Department of International Affairs, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST); Program Officer (PO)

Engineering Academy of Japan; Executive Director

National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan; Auditor

Minato UNESCO Association; President

The Japan Opera Foundation; Board Member


e-mail: nagano

*Please add”@grips.ac.jp” to send a message.




永野博 客員研究員

Research Period : Apr 1, 2021 to Mar 31, 2022

Position Visiting Professor
Affiliation Keio University

Research Period : Apr 1, 2020 to Mar 31, 2021

Position Visiting Professor
Affiliation Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

Research Period : Apr 1, 2019 to Mar 31, 2020

Position Visiting Professor
Affiliation Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University