OHNO, Kenichi

Position Professor
Degree Ph.D. (Economics), Stanford University
Specialty [Field of Specialization] Development economics, Industrial policy [General Introduction of Field of Specialization] Exchange rate management, financial integration; industrial strategy formulation, development policy regimes in East Asia
Current Research Interests Political economy of development policy formulation -Industrial strategy formulation of Vietnam and other East Asian countries -Transferability of East Asian development policy design to Africa and other regions
  • Professional Career

1987 Ph.D., Stanford University
1982 Summer intern, International Monetary Fund (3 months)
1984 Research assistant, Department of Economics, Stanford University (3 years)
1987 Economist, Research and Middle Eastern Departments, International Monetary Fund
1991 Associate Professor, Institute of Socio-Economic Planning, Tsukuba University
1996 Professor, Graduate School of Policy Science (GSPS), Saitama University
1997- Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) (current)
1999 Visiting scholar, Asian Development Bank Institute (1 year)


  • Selected publications

The Middle Income Trap: Implications for Industrialization Strategies in East Asia and Africa, GRIPS Development Forum (March 2009).

The Motorbike Joint Working Group, For Sound Development of the Motorbike Industry in Vietnam, Publishing House of Social Labour (November 2007).

3. (Ed.) Building Supporting Industries in Vietnam, Vol.1, Vietnam Development Forum (March 2007).

4. (Editing with Nguyen Van Thuong) Business Environment and Policies of Hanoi, Vietnam Development Forum (December 2006).

5. (Editing with Takahiro Fujimoto) Industrialization of Developing Countries: Analyses by Japanese Economists, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, and Manufacturing Management Research Center (October 2006).

6. (Ed.) Industrial Policy Formulation in Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan: Lessons for Vietnamese Policy Makers, Vietnam Development Forum (September 2006).

7. The Economic Development of Japan: The Path Traveled by Japan as a Developing Country, GRIPS Development Forum (March 2006).

8. (Editing with Nguyen Van Thuong) Improving Industrial Policy Formulation, The Publishing House of Political Theory (March 2005).

9. East Asian Growth and Japanese Aid Strategy, GRIPS Development Forum (January 2003).

10. (Editing with Izumi Ohno) Japanese Views on Economic Development: Diverse Paths to the Market, London: Routledge (1998).

11. (With Ronald I. McKinnon) Dollar and Yen: Resolving Economic Conflict between the United States and Japan, MIT Press (1997).

12. (With Junji Banno) “The Flexible Structure of Politics in Meiji Japan” LPDLEC Research Paper Number 01 (April 2010).

13. “Overcoming the Middle Income Trap: The Challenge for East Asian High Performers,” in Linda Yueh ed., The Future of Asian Trade and Growth: Economic Development with the Emergence of China, Routledge (January 2010), pp.199-221.

14. “Avoiding the Middle-Income Trap: Renovating Industrial Policy Formulation in Vietnam,” ASEAN Economic Bulletin Vol.26, No.1, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (April 2009), pp.25-43.

15. “Vietnam’s Rising Inflation and Asset Booms: an External Explanation,” Vietnam Economic Management Review, Vol. 2 (2008), pp.3-10.

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21. “Designing a Comprehensive and Realistic Industrial Strategy,” Vietnam Development Forum, Discussion Paper, No.1 (June 2004).

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24. “The Policy Package for Attracting a Critical Mass of Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam,” National Economics University-Hanoi Vietnam, Journal of Economics & Development (June 2003), pp.22-7.

25. (With Ronald I. McKinnon) “Foreign Exchange Origins of Japan’s Economic Slump,” The World Economy, 24:3 (March 2001), pp.279-315.

26. (With Masaru Yoshitomi) “Capital-Account Crisis and Credit Contraction: The New Nature of Crisis Requires New Policy Responses,” ADBI Working Paper, No.2 (May 1999).

27. “Exchange Rate Management in Developing Asia: Reassessment of the Pre-Crisis Soft Dollar Zone,” ADBI Working Paper, No.1 (January 1999).


  • Social contributions

Osaragi Jiro Literary Award (2000)
Suntory Academic Award (2000)
Asia-Pacific Special Award (1996)
Mainichi Economist Award (1991)

(such as a member of committee or advisory group in Japan)
2003-present Research director, Vietnam Development Forum (Hanoi and Tokyo), funded by MEXT research grant (21st Century COE Program, and Global COE Program)
2006-07 Leader, Joint Working Group to draft the Motorcycle Industry Master Plan in Vietnam
2003-05 Leader, 21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Research Grant Program at GRIPS, funded by the Ministry of Education (MEXT)
2002-05 Co-leader of the reviewing team of Japan's ODA Strategy for Vietnam, MOFA
2002-06 Member of the Board of ODA Comprehensive Strategies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2002 Member of Committee on the Development Effectiveness of Yen Loan, JBIC


  • Other notable activities

Research and extensive networking on the following two topics including establishment of research offices in Hanoi and Tokyo:
1) Development policy and social problems caused by rapid growth in Vietnam (since 1995)
2) Articulation of East Asian experience in industrial policy formulation and exploring transferability through policy dialogue with policy makers and researchers in Africa and elsewhere (since 2003)


  • e-mail: kohno

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