MORICHI, Shigeru

Position Adjunct Professor; Professor Emeritus
Degree Doctor of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Specialty National Development Planning & Policies, Transportation Planning & Policies
Current Research Interests Transportation Planning & Policies, Regional Planning & Policies
  • Professional Career
1966-1967 Japan National Railway
1967-1975 Research Assistant, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1975-1987 Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1987-1996 Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1996-2004 Professor, The University of Tokyo
2002- Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2004-2009 Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
2004-2011 President, Institute for Transport Policy Studies (ITPS)
2004- Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
2009-2014 Senior Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies(GRIPS)
2009- President, International Urban Studies Institute(GRIPS)
2011-2020 Director, Policy Research Center(GRIPS)
2009-2011 Advisor; LTA, Singapore
2011- Honorary Fellow; LTA Academy, Singapore
2012 - 2015 Honorary Professor; Beijing Transportation Research Center
2019- Professor Emeritus(GRIPS)
Mar.1980 - Feb.1981 Research Fellow; Transportation System Division,
Dept. of Civil Eng., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Apr.1986 - Mar.1987 Part-time Lecturer; Dept. of Civil Eng., Chuo University
Apr.1989 - Mar.1990 Head of Department; Dept. of Civil Eng., Graduate school, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Apr.1990 - Mar.1991 Head of Department; Dept. of Civil Eng., Tokyo Institute of Technology
Oct.1991 - Mar.1992 Part-time Lecturer; Dept. of Commercial Science, Keio University
Aug.1992 - Aug.1993 Visiting Professor; University of the PHILIPPINES
Oct.1993 - Mar.1996 Head of Research Center for Urban Infrastructure, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Apr.2004 – Mar.2009 Part-time Lecturer; Dept. of Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nihon University
Apr.2004 - Board member; Research and Education Board, GRIPS
Apr.2004 –Mar.2014 Program Director; Development Policy Program, GRIPS
Oct.2005 - Mar.2011 Program Director; Disaster Management Policy Program, GRIPS


  • Selected publications

KISS-Rail, Keys to Implement Successfully Sustainable Urban Railway, JARTS, 2005 (Editor and Co-author, in English)

Future of Country, Nikkei, 2005 (Editor and Co-author, in Japanese)

Future of Airports in Tokyo Metropolitan Area, ITPS, 2010 (Editor and Co-author, in English)

Benefit of Road Investment –Theory and Practice-, Tokyo-Keizai-Shinpousha, 2008 (Co-Editor and Co-author, in English)


1975 Incentive Award of Japan Society of Civil Engineers
1966 Dissertation Award of Japan Society of Traffic Engineers
2002 Culture of Transport Award, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Land and Tourism
2010 Publication Award; The Japan Society of Transportation Economics


  • Social contributions

Vice Chairman; Council on National Development, 2005-2010, Japan

Vice Chairman; Council on Infrastructure, 2005-2010, Japan

Member; Council on Transportation Policy, 2005-2010, Japan

Chairman on; Railway Policy Committee
; Regional Transportation Policy Committee
; Research and Development committee

Chairman; Council on Transportation Policy in Kanto Region

Chairman; Council on Urban Planning in Yokohama City

  • Other notable activities

President; Japan Society of Traffic Engineers, 2000-2002

President; Japan Society of Civil Engineers, 2004-2005

President; Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS), 2003-2007


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