Position Professor Emeritus
Degree Ph.D., (Economics) State University of New York, Buffalo
Specialty Public Economics, International Economics
Current Research Interests Urban Economics, Theory of Commodity Taxation, Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Professional Career

1979 Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo
1978 Assistant Professor of Southern Methodist University
1982 Assistant Professor of State University of New York at Albany
1986 Associate Professor of SUNY at Albany
1990 Associate Professor of Osaka University
1993 Professor of Osaka University
1994 Professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University
2002 Professor of GRIPS


  • Selected publications

Theory of Piecemeal Policy Recommendations, Evaluation of tax and tariff reforms, in Japanese, Sobun-shya, Jan 1993.

"Some Empirical Evidence on Demand System and Optimal Commodity Taxation", The Japanese Economic Review, Vol.57, No.1, 2006, 50-68.(with S. Asano).

"Optimality of a Competitive Equilibrium in a Small Open City with Congestion", The Journal of Urban Economics 43, 1998, pp.181-198. Academic Press (with N. Akai and T. Hatta)

"A Note on the Structure of Indirect Taxation and Economic Welfare", The Economic Studies Quarterly 40, December 1989, 349-354.

"Why Not Tax Uniformly Rather Than Optimally?", The Economic Studies Quarterly 40, September 1989, 220-238. (with T. Hatta)

"Welfare Improving Tariff Changes: A Case of Many Goods and Countries", Journal of International Economics 26, 1989, 383-388. (with N. Kim)

"Price-Output Response is Always Normal Despite Factor Market Distortions", The Economic Studies Quarterly 36, December 1985, 247-251.

"On Negative Shadow Factor Prices in the Presence of Factor Market Distortions", Journal of International Economics 18, 1985, 365-371.

"Paradoxical Trade Patterns and Terms of Trade", Economics Letters 18, 1985, 63-66. (with T. Hatta)

"Economic Growth, Terms of Trade and Welfare in an Open Monetary Economy", The Economic Record 58, 1982, 134-140. (with Manoj Pant)

"A Dynamic Quantity Adjustment Process in a Small Open Economy, and Welfare Effects of Tariff Changes", Journal of International Economics 11, 1981, 513-529.

"The Welfare Effect of Tariff Rate Reductions in a Many Country World", Journal of International Economics 9, 1979, 503-511. (with T. Hatta)

"Tariff Structure, Nontraded Goods and Theory of Piecemeal Policy Recommendations", International Economic Review 20, 1979, 427-435.


  • Other notable activities, achievements

Member of GRIPS Global COE


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