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The Pre-Arrival Questionnaire form will be sent to applicants who have been accepted as international students at GRIPS. Based on the responses to the Pre-Arrival Questionnaire, housing will be arranged for newly-enrolled international students at the following three facilities:



♦Accompanying Family Members♦


We would like you to think very carefully about bringing your family to Japan. Before making the final decision, please take all aspects into consideration. For example, your family may have difficulty in communicating with the neighbors and other locals; it is not easy to find a spot in a kindergarten here; and there may be unexpected extra financial burdens.


You are responsible for supporting your family financially and making such necessary arrangements as completing resident registration at the local city office and making national health premium payments.


Note: Leasing agreements are to be signed for a one-year period, and room changes (e.g. from Single to Couple Room, from Family to Single Room, from TIEC to IH) are not permitted during the academic year. It is very important that you plan carefully before submitting the Pre-Arrival Questionnaire form. If you plan to bring your family, you have to choose a family room from the beginning. Once you have been assigned a Couple/Family Room, you cannot transfer to a Single Room even if you cannot bring your family after all.


Also, please note that the rule that only one person may stay in a Single Room in both GRIPS IH and TIEC is strictly adhered to. In the event of a family visit, the student and his/her family are responsible for finding their accommodation.


Due to the limited number of rooms, it may be necessary to assign rooms by lottery. In that case, though housing will be provided, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your specific housing preference will be met.


Please refer to the Pre-Arrival FAQs about Accommodation for further information.



  GRIPS International House in Nakano, Tokyo


Building and Location

The GRIPS International House (GRIPS IH), located in Nakano, is a 15-minute walk from JR Nakano Station. The average commuting time to the GRIPS campus is 40 minutes. There are many stores and restaurants in the Nakano area. There is a hospital close to the accommodation.


Rooms and Facilities

The GRIPS IH provides single and couple rooms for single students and married couples / couples with official certificate with no children. An English-speaking resident manager will provide assistance when you move in.


Photos for GRIPS IH1

(for newly enrolled international students)

• Photos for GRIPS IH2

(for the current students)


Monthly rent, utilities, etc. (IH1)

Single unit

52,300-61,800 yen (24–30 m2) with private kitchen, bath unit, bed, closet, desk, chairs, washer, refrigerator, microwave, vacuum cleaner, and iron.

Couple unit

75,800 yen (40 m2) Same facilities as single unit, plus dining table, chairs, and cupboard.

Move-in fee

1 month’s rent (non-refundable)


Charged separately, based on usage


Available including Wi-Fi, free of charge

Bed linen

Available for purchase (11,660 yen)  *Disposal fee included

Commuter Pass Nakano (JR Sobu Line) to Roppongi (Toei Oedo Line) – 40 minutes


7,180 yen


20,460 yen


38,730 yen



  Tokyo International Exchange Center in the Tokyo Bayside area


Building and Location

TIEC is located near Tokyo Bay. The average commuting time to the GRIPS campus in Roppongi is 45 minutes. The TIEC complex, constructed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, can accommodate 800 students and researchers affiliated with universities in the greater Tokyo area.


Rooms and Facilities

GRIPS has been allocated a limited number of rooms in TIEC. Almost all TIEC units available for GRIPS students are single rooms, though some couple/family rooms are available mainly for YLP scholars.


For more information, visit the website of the Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC).


Photos for Residence Hall A

                 (Shared Kitchen)

Photos for Residence Hall B

                 (Private Kitchen)

Photos for Residence Hall C 

Photos for Residence Hall D

Monthly rent, utilities, etc. 

Residence Hall A for singles

35,000 yen, Studio (20 m2). Facilities include shower, toilet, washstand, air-conditioner, bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, refrigerator, telephone and telephone circuit and inter-phone.

Residence Hall B for singles

52,000 yen, Studio (30 m2). Facilities are the same as in RH A, plus kitchen (IH heater)

Residence Hall C for couples and families*

74,500 yen, 2 LDK (80 m2). Facilities are the same as in RH B, plus bath, sofa, dining table and study room.

*Families with a child under 5 years of age.

Residence Hall D for families

86,500 yen, 3 LDK (100 m2). Facilities are the same as in RH C

Move-in fee

1 month’s rent (non-refundable)


Charged separately, based on usage


Available upon request in a room, around 2,200 yen / month plus initial cost of 3,300 yen.
Free Wi-Fi is available in the common study Room.

Bed linen

7,000 yen for Rental (1-year contract)

Commuter Pass Tokyo International Cruise Terminal (Yurikamome Line) to Roppongi (Toei Oedo Line) – 45 minutes


10,040 yen


28,630 yen


54,230 yen



  Misato Housing Complex in Saitama Prefecture


Building and Location

Misato is located in the suburbs of Tokyo. Most students with children will be assigned to Misato .Built in the 70s, Misato Complex accommodates about 20,000 residents. The commuting time to GRIPS is 80-120 minutes, so if you choose to live there, be prepared to spend considerable time on travel.


 Rooms and Facilities

The rooms are not equipped with heaters or air conditioners, so you may need to purchase at least a heater; some buildings do not have an elevator. Residents are expected to keep the noise level to a minimum at all time, especially if you have small children. 


For more information, visit the website.


• Photos for MISATO

Monthly rent, utilities, etc. 

2 rooms with kitchen

Approximately 57,000 yen (42-58 m2) for family with children. 


Units in Misato Danchi are unfurnished but a basic 8-item set of furniture/appliances (gas stove, table & chair, refrigerator, washing machine, ceiling light, microwave, vacuum cleaner, and curtain. A monthly rental fee of 7,210 yen) can be rented.

Cleaning fee

50,000 yen

Common service charge

3,000 yen/month

Spare keys

1,155 yen


Charged separately, based on usage


Available on request, around 5,600 yen/month plus initial fee

Bed linen

Available for purchase (12,000 – 15,000 yen)

Fire and flood insurance

Mandatory for all Misato residents (5,770 yen/year)

Commuter Pass Shin-Misato (JR Musashino Line) Shin-Matsudo (JR Joban Line/Chiyoda Line) Nogizaka (JR Joban Line/Chiyoda Line) – 80-100 minutes


12,480 yen


35,560 yen


67,390 yen


4. Finding Accommodation by Yourself

If you do not need assistance from GRIPS regarding housing, please provide details about your planned housing situation in Japan when you complete the Pre-Arrival Questionnaire.


You are responsible for completing your resident registration at your local city office and enrolling in the National Health Insurance by yourself.







7-22-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8677

TEL : +81-(0)3-6439-6000     
FAX : +81-(0)3-6439-6010


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