Economics, Planning and Public Policy Program

Program in Brief

Trains government officials to contribute to good governance and economic development in Indonesia

  • Program Director: Professor Toshihiro Kudo
  • Degrees Offered: Master of Public Policy issued by GRIPS/ Master’s degree issued by an Indonesian University
  • Scholarship: Indonesian Government
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Time Schedule:
    • Program Duration…1 year
    • Enrollment…October
    • Graduation…September
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Indonesia is undergoing enormous transformation. The “two D’s”— robust democratization and radical decentralization— are fundamentally reshaping the country’s political, economic, and social landscape. To help Indonesia meet the challenges arising from this transformation, the GRIPS-Indonesia Linkage Master’s Program (LMP) was launched in 2007, designed to develop highly capable central and local government officials who will contribute to Indonesia’s capacity to continue on the road to good governance and economic prosperity. This collaborative academic program is offered by GRIPS and Indonesia’s premier national universities (Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Gadja Mada, Universitas Brawijaya, and Universitas Padjadjaran).

Target Group

Talented government officials from the central or regional government of Indonesia

Program Design

During the two-year program, with the first year in Indonesia and the second one at GRIPS, the students enjoy excellent opportunities to combine theory with practical skills and research with action. Special emphasis is placed on developing core skills in areas that will be valuable to them: economics, political science, public policy, and public management. The program’s approach is multidisciplinary and covers a wide range of topics, allowing the fellows to select the courses that suit their individual needs.

GRIPS offers a distinctive learning environment in which the LMP students have abundant opportunities to interact with and learn from a diverse international group of faculty members and their own peers— mid-career government officials from all over the world. In addition, the faculty’s vast network of contacts, along with the campus’ ideal location in the heart of metropolitan Tokyo, provides the students with uniquely easy access to the Japanese policy-making community.

Economics, Planning and Public Policy Program Curriculum 2020/2021 (as of October 2020)
Category Course Name Instructor
I Required Course Independent Study (Policy Paper)  
The World and the SDGs Tanaka Akihiko
II Recommended Courses Monetary Economics (Money and Banking) Fujimoto
Economic Development of Southeast Asia Kudo
Microeconomics II Wie
Government and Market Hatanaka
Macroeconomics II Matsumoto
Introduction to Applied Econometrics TBA
Global Development Agendas and Japan’s ODA TBA
Poverty Alleviation TBA
Strategy and Economic Development TBA
Trade and Industrial Development Sonobe
Local Public Finance TBA
Reform of Economic Policy in Japan Ota
Infrastructure and Regional Development: Lessons from the Past Ieda
International Trade Hsu
Resource and Energy Economics Tanaka Makoto
Contemporary Japanese Economy Kojima
Japanese Economy Nakagaki
Development Economics Aida
Agricultural Development Kijima
East Asian Economies Hara
Social Policy and Development in ASEAN TBA
Agricultural Economics Hara
International Development Policy Ohno
Comparative Development Studies of Asia Kawano
Government and Politics in Japan Masuyama
State and Politics in Southeast Asia TBA
Structure and Process of Government Horie
Politics of Global Money and Finance Chey
Non-Traditional Security TBA
Comparative Political Economy Kanchoochat
Introduction to Quantitative Methods Tsuchiya
Foreign Direct Investment TBA
Human Resources Management Ichikawa
Public Expenditure Management Tanaka Hideaki
Social Security System in Japan Ono
Small and Medium Enterprise and Technology Hashimoto
National Land Policy Shimomura
Local Government System Nakamura
Local Government Finance Takada
Local Governance in the Changing World Takada
Selected Topics in Policy Studies I – IV  
III Elective Courses Courses not listed in this table  
X Others Courses offered by the Center for Professional Communication  

Career Destinations

Graduates from this program are dispatched from the Indonesian government, and are expected to return to their former organizations to become leaders in public policy.

Origin and Affiliation of Students

Typical Affiliation
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Forestry
Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy
Indonesian Institute of Sciences(LIPI)
National Nuclear Energy Agency
Indonesian Local Governments (e.g. Bandung, Banyuwangi, Garut, Lampung, Malang)

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