Strategic Studies Program

Program in brief

Provides an opportunity for senior military officers and defense officials to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of international security affairs.


  • Program Director: Professor Narushige Michishita 
  • Degree Offered: Master of Policy Studies
  • Language of Instruction: Japanese / English
  • Time Schedule:
    • Program duration…1 year
    • Enrollment…October
    • Graduation…September


Administered jointly by GRIPS and the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS) of the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the Strategic Studies Program is designed to provide an opportunity for senior military officers and defense officials to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of international security affairs. Students will learn how to analyze security environment, plan operations and policies, and execute them effectively.


In the course of the year, students will take required and recommended courses at GRIPS and NIDS. The required courses provide a basis for advanced security studies on the topics such as security studies theories, military history, and contemporary policy issues. The recommended courses offer students opportunities to acquire deeper knowledge on more specialized issues such as civil-military relations, space and security issues, defense industry and technology, security issues of different countries in the world.


The program uses policy simulations in order to enable the students to apply what they learned in the classroom to situations in the real world. The students will also participate in role-playing games in which they will learn ways to effective coordinate policies and actions with other government as well as non-government agencies and entities.


Finally, the students are required to write policy papers on specific theoretical and/or policy issues. Two advisors, one each from GRIPS and NIDS, will supervise the paper-writing process.


Target Group

Senior military officers and defense officials of any nationality.


Strategic Studies Program Curriculum 2019/2020

(as of Oct 2019)
Category Course Name Instructor

Required Course

政策論文演習/Independent Study Michishita, et al.
国際安全保障論 Katahara
戦略理論 Yoshizaki
法と安全保障 Hashimoto
経済と安全保障 Ono
米国の安全保障政策 Kikuchi
東アジアの安全保障Ⅰ Sugiura
戦争史原論 Junichiro Shoji
冷戦と日本の安全保障政策 Tachikawa
紛争と国際社会 Yamashita
軍備管理・軍縮・不拡散 Tsukamoto
地域安全保障Ⅰ Yamazoe
地域安全保障Ⅱ Tomotaka Shoji
東アジアの安全保障Ⅱ Takeshi Watanabe
科学技術と安全保障 Kawashima
社会の安全と危機管理 Ichimasa
近代日本の軍事史 Shindo
サイバーと安全保障 Yasuaki Hashimoto
政策シュミレーション Yoshizaki

Recommended Course

Introduction to Japan’s Security Challenges Katayama
中東の安全保障問題 Kozuka
東南アジアの安全保障 Tomotaka Shoji
軍事史史料とこれからの文書・資料 Kanno
政軍関係概論 Sakaguchi
朝鮮半島をめぐる安全保障 Murooka
米国の世界戦略 Katahira
武力行使と国際法 Eifuku
中国軍事思想概論 Monma
日本軍事史 Tachikawa
国際政治学概論/Introduction to International Politics Maeda
民間軍事会社の現状と課題 Ono
海洋安全保障 Eifuku
東アジアの歴史認識をめぐる諸問題 Jyunichiro Shoji
組織と調整 Sukegawa
イスラーム主義とテロリズム Masami Nishino
戦後日本の安全保障政策と国際関係 Nakajima
宇宙と安全保障(法・政策) Yasuaki Hashimoto
平和活動の諸問題 Yamashita
大国政治における非対称な同盟 Takeshi Watanabe
再考 太平洋戦争への道 Shindo
防衛産業・技術開発概論 Tomikawa
現代中国の外交 Iida
危機管理に関するシナリオ研究 TBA
戦略策定法 Arie
戦争と平和 Ishizu
テロ対策と諸問題 Katayama
南アジアの安全保障 Izuyama
ユーラシアの戦略環境                       Yamazoe
宇宙開発利用特論(技術と動向) Oi
米国の核政策 Aragaki
ロシア軍事史 Hanada
日米同盟の歴史 Chijiwa
The Future of Alliances Yoshizaki
The World and the SDGs Akihiko Tanaka
Diplomatic History of Modern Japan


Government and Politics in Japan Masuyama
International Relations Iwama
International Political Economy Chey
Japanese Foreign Policy Kitaoka, Pressello
International Security Studies Michishita
Military Operations, Strategy, and Policy Hironaka
Comparative Politics Takenaka
Political Economy of Modern Japan TBA
Transnational Organized Crime and Security TBA
Comparative Political Economy Kanchoochat
Strategic Studies Research Seminar Michishita
International Law Shimoyama
International Law of the Sea Furuya

Elective Courses

Selected Topics in Policy Studies I -IV
Courses not listed in this table


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