ALMOs 2018

December 2018

Ali Bin Mehmood (PP ’15), Assistant Chief, Planning and Development Department, Government of Balochistan, Pakistan

Ali01After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business and information technology in 2004, Ali started his career in the banking industry but joined the Pakistan civil service at the Government of Balochistanin 2011. Eager to continue learning new knowledge and skills, he pursued an MBA while working, and was selected for a MEXT scholarship to study at GRIPS from which he received his Master of Public Policy in 2015. In the summer of 2018 Ali had the honour to represent his country as a member of the US Department of State Exchange Program. It was a unique experience to participate in a program that is designed to help strengthen relations with countries around the world and to celebrate each other’s culture and history.

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November 2018

Nwe Nwe Win (TE ’96), Director General, Budget Department, Ministry of Planning and Finance, Republic of the Union of Myanmar

NweNweWin01Daw Nwe Nwe Win was appointed Director General of the Budget Department in 2015. In her current role she has been one of the key figures in Myanmar’s public finance management reform. The so-called Modernization of Public Finance Management (PFM) Project has been implemented in Myanmar since 2014, in collaboration with the World Bank to support the strengthening of Myanmar’s PFM systems and institutions, and improving policy formulation and implementation for effective, efficient and accountable delivery of public services.

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October 2018

Ryan L. Estevez (YLP ’11), Undersecretary, Philippines Presidential Legislative Liaison Office

Ryan01Ryan entered the government service as legislative staff through the then Senate President Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. after passing the bar exams in 2007. He subsequently worked for Congresswoman Bernadette Herrera-Dy and Senator Aquilino “KOKO” Pimentel III, enabling him to build up substantial expertise in drafting legislations. Prior to entering the government service, Ryan worked in various capacities as college and university professor, mentor, Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) lecturer and advisers to various civic and non-government organizations. Now serving in the executive branch of the government, banking on his decade-long experience in legislation, he acts as the bridge and liaison officer, shepherding the legislative agenda of the President.

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September 2018

Andrea Pressello (MA ’02; PhD ’12), Assistant Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

Andrea01Andrea Pressello has been an Assistant Professor at GRIPS since April 2017. He received both his master’s and Ph.D. degree from GRIPS. In addition to GRIPS, Andrea has been teaching at the International University of Japan, and Keio University, where he lectures on Japanese history and culture, diplomatic history and foreign policy to international students. Andrea was recently one of the recipients of the 14th Nakasone Yasuhiro Award, an award given to honor meaningful achievements in the political, economic, cultural, and science and technology fields and to encourage further endeavors which will contribute toward the realization of true peace and prosperity in the international community. Highly evaluated for his work in both research and practical arenas, he is expected to play an important role of bridging Japan and the world.

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August 2018

Edwin P. Medhe (MA ’10; PhD ’18), Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment (MITI), Tanzania

Edwin01Edwin has extensive working experience in economic research, policy analysis, strategic planning, and project management. He joined the public service in 2006, as Economist II in the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment (MITI) and gradually worked his way up to Senior Economist. After serving briefly as Acting Assistant Director (Enterprise Promotion) at MITI, from May this year, and subsequently as Research and Advisory Manager at the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB), Edwin was appointed by H.E. Dr. John P. Magufuli, the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, to serve as a Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment (MITI) on July 24, 2018. Edwin holds a B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro, Tanzania and an M.A. 8’10) and Ph.D. (’18) in International Development Studies from GRIPS.

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July 2018

Erdenejargal Tumurbaatar (YLP ’05), Project Manager Integrated Livelihoods Improvement and Sustainable Tourism in Khuvsgul Lake National Park, Mongolia

Erka01While still a student at the Mongolia State University of Agriculture, Erka started her career as growing manager at the only state-owned greenhouse farm in Ulaanbaatar. She then moved to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture where – based on her excellent performance – she was soon promoted to senior officer. After completing her degree at GRIPS in 2005 she was promoted to Director of the Ministry’s International Cooperation Division, a position she held for seven years. In 2010 Erka was chosen to represent East Asia and the Pacific in the Steering Committee of the Global Agricultural and Food Security Program. Since March 2016, Erka is serving as Project Manager of Integrated Livelihoods Improvements and Sustainable Tourism in Khuvsgul Lake National Park.

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June 2018

Edieser Dela Santa (PP’00), Dean, Asian Institute of Tourism, University of the Philippines

Edieser01After graduating from the University of the Philippines in 1994, Edieser started his career as a tourism marketing specialist at the marketing arm of the Department of Tourism. He was selected to study at GRIPS’ predecessor GSPS in 1998 and after returning from his studies in Japan in 2000, Edieser joined the University of the Philippines. He has been teaching there since, while holding several administrative positions. In 2006 he went to New Zealand to pursue further studies and obtained a PhD degree from the University of Otago in 2010. Edieser has been serving as the 7th Dean of UP’s Asian Institute of Tourism since November 2016.

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May 2018

Woothisarn Tanchai (PP ’86), Secretary General, King Prajadhipok’s Institute, Thailand


Professor Woothisarn Tanchai has been serving as Secretary General of King Prajadhipok’s Institute since December 2014. In addition, Mr. Tanchai is a Professor at Thammasat University and he also serves on many policy and advisory bodies. His research interests include Decentralization and Local Governance, Public and Social Policy, and People Participation. Mr. Tanchai received a Bachelor of Science, from Khon Kaen University (1980), a Master of Public Administration from the National Institute of Development Administration (1982) and a Master of Policy Science from GRIPS’ predecessor GSPS, Saitama University (1986).

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April 2018

Dabone Atta Snr. (MP1. ’10), Senior Economics Officer, Debt Management Division, Ministry of Finance, Government of Ghana

Atta01Atta joined the Ministry of Finance in 2004, after graduating with a BSc in Economics from the Methodist University College Ghana. He has gradually worked his way up in the Debt Management Division where he is currently awaiting confirmation to become a Principal Economics Officer. In addition, Atta was recently appointed as Deputy Board Chairman of Foklex Media Awards/ Production, a private organization whose core mandate is to strengthen and promote media engagement in Ghana as a tool for championing societal change and development. In his free time, he runs a rabbit and quail farm together with his wife, while with his twin brother he has established Voice FM 94.3 which has become one of the leading radio stations in Ghana.

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March 2018

Tatsuya “Ted” Takeda (Ph.D. ’16), Chief Investment Officer and Board Director, AIG Japan Holdings KK


Ted Takeda joined AIG Japan Holdings in August 2013 as the Japan Chief Risk Officer to oversee risks taken by AIG operations in Japan. He became the Japan Chief Investment Officer in March 2017 and assumed responsibility for all investment related activities of AIG Japan. He also leads research activities of AIG Institute as Senior Fellow since December 2017. Ted started his career at J.P. Morgan in currency and interest rate derivatives products in 1989. After 14 years at J.P. Morgan and Citigroup, he joined an advisory firm, IFL, to start its operation in Japan, where he advised governments, manufacturers, and financial institutions in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, HK, and the US on their risk and capital management issues. Ted holds a Master of Public Policy and a Ph.D. in Public Economics from GRIPS, a BA in International Relations from the University of Tokyo, and a BA in Mathematics from Oberlin College, Ohio.

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February 2018

Chori Mirzaev (TE ’00), Chairman of the Board, JSC Turon Bank, Uzbekistan

Chori01After graduating from Tashkent State University of Economics in 1995, Chori Mirzaev joined the Central Bank of Uzbekistan where he held various positions before he was selected to study in the “Transition Economy Program” at GRIPS’ predecessor, the Graduate Institute of Policy Science in 1998. Chori re-joined the Central Bank after returning to Uzbekistan in 2000 but moved to the Korean Development Bank in Uzbekistan in 2008, and on to the JSC Asaka bank in 2010. He has been with the JSC Turonbank since 2015, initially as Deputy Chairman of the Board, and since 2016 as Chairman of the Board.

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January 2018

Judith  A. Esteban-Sungsai (PP ’92), Senior Director, Central Point of Contact Department 1, Supervision and Examination Sector, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Judith01Judith started her career as a certified accountant at an audit firm in 1982. She moved to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) in 1986 where she started as a junior bank supervisor handling commercial banks. She has gradually worked her way up and has held several positions in the Bank before she was appointed to her current position as Senior Director of the BSP-Supervision and Examination Sector in January 2018. Judith holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce with a major in Accounting (1982) from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, and a Master of Policy Science from GRIPS’ predecessor GSPS (1992).

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