GRIPS Earthquake Response



As of February 6, 2013

1. Proposals were presented on Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Policies

In consideration of the original intent in establishing an education and research institute for policy studies, and as we believe it is our mission to contribute to the recovery efforts from the Great East Japan Earthquake by leveraging our combined human resources, networks and accumulated research, GRIPS has announced urgent proposals on the framework for post-disaster recovery.



2. Projects were adopted on Earthquake Recovery Policies at the Policy Research Center

The GRIPS Policy Research Center employs a policy-oriented joint research framework using the time-limited project method. Following the Earthquake, additional budget was immediately allocated for that academic year to pursue the following projects related to recovery policies from the Great East Japan Earthquake.


【Academic Year 2012】


    • Professor Tatsuo Oyama, “GRIPS-PRIMAFF joint research on restoring and establishing the food supply system and agriculture production infrastructure damaged by the East Japan catastrophic earthquake”  (continued from last year)



【Academic Year 2011】



3. Establishment of Disaster Risk Management Program

GRIPS currently offers “Disaster Management Policy Program” in the master’s course and “Disaster Management Program” in the doctoral course. In 2012, “Disaster Prevention, Reconstruction and Risk Management Program” will be newly offered in the master’s course. This program is designed to develop experts with comprehensive professional knowledge and advanced skills in planning and implementing policies related to disaster prevention, reconstruction and risk management, by addressing the latest knowledge based on practical experience in past disasters.



In addition, Disaster Risk Management Seminars are held regularly during this program, supported by the GRIPS Policy Research Center. In this seminar series, key persons who have been involved in reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake are invited and give lectures.



4. Partnership Agreement with the Building Research Institute was concluded

GRIPS has concluded a partnership agreement with the Building Research Institute regarding the following two projects. The projects mainly include organizing seminars and symposiums at GRIPS, focusing on education and research.


(1) Research outcome and dissemination of technologies related to measures for earthquake and tsunami disaster prevention
Project duration: September 30, 2011 to March 16, 2014
GRIPS Lecturer: Professor Kenji Okazaki


(2) Research outcome and dissemination of technologies contributing to the solution of the mid- and long-term issues faced by Japanese housing, architecture and cities
Project duration: September 30, 2011 to March 16, 2014
GRIPS Lecturer: Professor Yoshiaki Kume


5. Disaster-Related Symposiums were organized


      • The Forum by Iwate Prefecture and GRIPS entitled the“Forum on Tohoku’s Cooperation and Reconstruction” (February 6, 2013)
        Organizer: Iwate Prefecture, Co-Organizer: GRIPS







      • Joint Symposium by Fukushima University, Rikkyo University and GRIPS on “Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Future of Fukushima: Ensuring Human Security” (February 6, 2012)








6. Other Measures taken by GRIPS



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