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■Senior Professor IEDA, Hitoshi

Specialty: Regional, Transport and Infrastructure Planning / Policy


*Information correct as of the time of publication of listed media.

Date Contents Media
2018.10.2 News: The council for discussion of countermeasures against natural disasters in  major domestic airports met recently. GRIPS Professor Hitoshi Ieda is council chair. The Nikkei (national newspaper)
2018.8.30  Comment: GRIPS Professor Hitoshi Ieda on countermeasures to deal with road deterioration The Kensetsutsushin Shimbun
2018.8.2 Comment: GRIPS Professor Hitoshi Ieda on policies to ensure  highway security and to enhance the productivity of logistics LOGISTICS NIPPON 
2018.4.5 Interview: GRIPS Professor Hitoshi Ieda on transport and infrastructure planning/policy. The Nikkei (national newspaper)
2018.2.2 News: GRIPS Professor Hitoshi Ieda attended a conference on coping with mechanical and technical problems in transportation systems. Sankei News
2017.9.22 Comment: GRIPS Professor Hitoshi Ieda on discussion regarding the eventual opening of the Linear Chuo Shinkansen. Kentsu Shinbun
2016.12.27 Interview: GRIPS Professor IEDA Hitoshi on the extension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen railway.
(Japanese only)
The Nikkei(national newspaper)
2016.9.15 News: The committee for highway numbering in Japan, chaired by GRIPS Professor Hitoshi Ieda, has released a new highway numbering proposal.
(Japanese only)
Butsuryu Nippon Shimbun

Comment: GRIPS Professor Hitoshi Ieda on the management of highway numbering  in Japan.

(Japanese only)

The Mainichi Shimbun (national newspaper)
2016.4.30 Comments: GRIPS professor Hitoshi Ieda, on the collapse of the massive Aso bridge into the river after being damaged by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake.
(Japanese only)
The Asahi Shimbun Digital (national newspaper)
2016.4.23 Comments: GRIPS professor Hitoshi Ieda, on the site-inspection of the Kumamoto-quake-hit town of Mashiki by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers. (Prof. Ieda served as a member of Inspectorate.)
(Japanese only)
The Sankei (national newspaper)West

Comments: Council for Transport Policy member and GRIPS Professor Hitoshi Ieda, on the new Tokyo area railway construction guidelines.

(Japanese only)

The NIKKEI(national newspaper)

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