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Latest GRIPS-related news

Date Contents Media
2021.4.8 Comment: GRIPS Professor Narushige Michishita on Japan’s policy toward China. ForeignPolicy
2021.4.2 Interview: GRIPS professor Harukata Takenaka on the performance of Minister Yoshihide Suga over the past half a year. The Japan News by The Yomiuri Shimbun
2021.3.23 Comment: GRIPS Professor Kenzo Hiroki on the online duties of Their Majesties. The Mainichi
2021.3.16 Comment: GRIPS Professor Narushige Michishita on economic relationships of Japan and the U.S with China. The New York Times
2021.3.16 GRIPS President Akihiko Tanaka gave a lecture at the regional seminar “The Bay of Bengal as Connectivity Hub in Indo-Pacific Region” at Bangladesh Independent University (IUB). The Policy Times
2021.3.9 Comment: GRIPS Professor Emeritus Kiyoshi Kurokawa on background of nuclear power and profoundly man-made by 10 years after Fukushima. REUTERS
2021.3.7 Comment: GRIPS Professor Narushige Michishita on the sending in troops to the Diaoyu Islands. South China Morning Post
2021.3.6 Editorial: GRIPS Professor Emeritus Kiyoshi Kurokawa on the Fukushima disaster was not the turning point many had hoped. The Economist
2021.3.6 Comment: GRIPS Professor Emeritus Kiyoshi Kurokawa on the safety of nuclear power by 10 years after Fukushima. The Conversation

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News by faculty member


(Alphabetical order)

Title Specialty
FUKUI, Hideo Professor Administrative Law
HASHIMOTO, Hisayoshi Adjunct Professor,Professor Emeritus  
HSU, Minchung Associate Professor Macroeconomics, Health Insurance, Social Insurance, Demographic Changes and Growth, Public Policy, Economic Dynamics
IEDA, Hitoshi Professor Regional, Transport and Infrastructure Planning / Policy
IHORI, Toshihiro Senior Professor  
IIO, Jun Professor Contemporary Japanese Politics
IKAWA, Hiroshi Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor  Local Government, Local Public Finance, Administrative Law
ITO, Takatoshi Senior Professor  
IWAMA, Yoko Professor International Politics; European Diplomatic History
KANCHOOCHAT, Veerayooth Associate Professor Politics of economic growth, the middle-income trap, institutional economics, industrial policy, Thailand, East and Southeast Asian development


Professor, GRIPS Alliance  
KUDO, Toshihiro Professor  
KUROKAWA, Kiyoshi Professor Emeritus Science and Innovation, Internal Medicine; Nephrology; Healthcare Policy
KUWAHARA, Terutaka Lecturer Technology Forecast, Scientometrics, Science and Technology Dolicy 
MASUYAMA, Mikitaka Professor Japanese Politics, Legislative Institutions, Political Methodology
MATSUTANI, Akihiko Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor Applied Economics 
MICHISHITA, Narushige Professor Strategic Studies; Japanese Defense and Foreign Policy; Security Issues on the Korean Peninsula

NAGANO, Hiroshi

Lecturer Science and Technology Policy
NISHIMURA, Kiyohiko G. Senior Professor Economic Theory, Economic Statistics, Central Banking
OHNO, Kenichi Professor Development economics, Industrial policy [General Introduction of Field of Specialization] Exchange rate management, financial integration; industrial strategy formulation, development policy regimes in East Asia
ONO, Taichi Professor  
OTA, Hiroko Professor Public Finance Policy

SHINODA, Kunihiko



Professor Social Security Policy
SHIRAISHI,Takashi Professor Emeritus, Adjunct Professor Area studies, International Relations, Politics
SONOBE, Tetsushi Professor Development Economics


Professor Intellectual Property Policy, Science and Technology Policy

SUNAMI, Atsushi

Professor Science and Technology Policy, Science and Technology Diplomacy
SUZUKI, Mari Professor Internal Medicine, Endocrinology
TAKAGI, Yusuke Associate Professor Area Studies (Southeast Asia), Political Science
TAKENAKA, Harukata Professor Comparative Politics; International Political Economy
TAMURA, Akihiko Professor International Economic Law, International Law
TANAKA, Akihiko President International Politics
TSUNEKAWA, Keiichi Adjunct Professor Comparative Politics, International Political Economy
WIE, Dainn Associate Professor Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics
XING, Yuqing Professor International Economics, Development Economics, Chinese Economy
YAMAZAKI, Akio Assistant Professor Environmental Economics



















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