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Summer Seminar for International Students “Expressway and Automobile”

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Summer Seminar for International Students

“Expressway and Automobile”


This is the announcement that on Sep. 20th and 21th we will hold Special Summer Seminar for International Students “Expressway and Automobile” together with the University of Tokyo and Association for Planning and Transportation Studies.


The purpose of this seminar is for international students to learn about the actual situation surrounding expressways and automobiles in Japan. Through group discussions with the intention of applying the knowledge to their own cities, the participants will develop and improve their skills and networking to gain a better understanding of Japan and build relationships with their own country.

We will provide lectures and site tours regarding the three recent high potential topics

“Disasters, Maintenance Management and Autonomous Driving”, by specialists and

researchers from the front-line companies and universities.


This very popular seminar series was originated and launched by Professor Hitoshi Ieda, the advisor of the project. This seminar follows on from the “Expressway and Automobile Summer Seminar” 2016 and 2018. All students are invited to take advantage of this opportunity by applying for this popular seminar.


Please apply from “Entry” below after confirming all the information from “About” in advance.






Date / Time September 20th and 21th in 2022 (two days and one night)
Fee JPY 3,000 for materials (Accommodation costs will not be covered.)
Language English
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