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GRIPS Forum “Tenchijin COMPASS, a global land search platform utilizing “Space Big Data””

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Due to the current climate change situation, demand for land search service is growing across industries.
Tenchijin, Inc., a JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) Startup, has developed Tenchijin COMPASS based on its patented technology, and by analyzing satellite weather data as time-series big data, provides business solutions of proposing optimal land use.
This lecture will report on examples of Tenchijin COMPASS adoption and explain about prospects and challenges for the satellite data application business.


Speaker: Mr. Yasutoshi Hyakusoku

Co-founder & COO, Tenchijin Inc. / Senior Engineer, JAXA
















Speaker’s Profile:

Obtained a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University. Concurrently serves as a Senior Engineer at JAXA.
An expert on Earth observation satellites who has worked in NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Mr. Yasutoshi Hyakusoku undertook the entire development process of the GPM (Global Precipitation Measurement) mission’s core satellite and the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite “IBUKI-2.”
While specializing in the project management of large-scale systems, he also formulates business ideas leveraging observational data from satellites that he developed.


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Date / Time 2022.12.19 16:40~18:10(Japan Time)
SpeakerMr. Yasutoshi Hyakusoku, Co-founder & COO, Tenchijin Inc. / Senior Engineer, JAXA
TitleTenchijin COMPASS, a global land search platform utilizing “Space Big Data”
Venue Online (Zoom Webinar)
Fee Free (Pre-registration is required)
Language Japanese (English simultaneous interpretation provided)

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