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GRIPS Forum “Womenomics Imperative and Why ESG Investing is Expanding”

At GRIPS Forum on April 18, 2022, Ms. Kathy Matsui, General Partner, MPower Partners, gave a lecture titled “Womenomics Imperative and Why ESG Investing is Expanding”.


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For a super-aging society like Japan, it is vitally important to promote ‘Womenomics’ where women actively participate in economic activities and become a driving force of revitalization and sustainable growth. Moreover, in the age of AI & digitalization, there is growing attention to the role of globally-minded entrepreneurs providing tech-enabled solutions to societal challenges. It is essential to incorporate ESG (environmental, social, and governance) perspectives into their entrepreneurial strategies, including gender diversity, so that their positive business impacts can be maximized. This lecture will discuss ‘Womenomics’ imperatives and why it is important to support such entrepreneurs through ESG investment.


Speaker: Ms. Kathy Matsui, General Partner, MPower Partners
























Speaker’s Profile:

Kathy is the former Vice Chair of Goldman Sachs Japan and Chief Japan Equity Strategist. Her groundbreaking ʻWomenomicsʼ research spurred the Japanese government to promote gender diversity, and she has advised corporations on governance and diversity best practices. She has an MA from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and an AB from Harvard. Kathy is one of the three co-founders of MPower Partners, which was established in May 2021 to drive ESG integration in Japan’s venture capital ecosystem.



About GRIPS Forum:

Since its establishment in 1997, the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), as the only graduate school in Japan specializing in policy research, has promoted education and research on a wide range of policy issues.

Utilizing our vast policy network, this Forum invites leaders from various fields including government, academia and business, as well as staff from our own faculty, to deliver lectures on current policy concerns.

The Forum welcomes attendance of GRIPS faculty and students as well as participants from outside the university.






Date / Time 2022.4.18 16:40~17:45 (Japan Time)
SpeakerMs. Kathy Matsui, General Partner, MPower Partners
TitleWomenomics Imperative and Why ESG Investing is Expanding
Venue Online (Zoom Webinar)
Fee Free (Pre-registration is required)
Language English

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