2. Research Projects

Research Projects

Jun 15, 2020 - Mar 31, 2022

Technological Upgrading in Global Value Chains of Automobile Industry in Southeast Asia



The automobile industry is essentially an assembly industry with a complex and multi-layered organization of assemblers and suppliers producing a variety of parts and components ranging from simple labor-intensive parts to high capital-intensive systems in different locations. Southeast Asia is now an important global production hub of automobile industry. Previous studies focus on individual countries in Southeast Asia without adequately examining relationship across these countries in regional and global value chains. This study tries to fill in the gap by investigating how these countries enter the value chains, whether and how they upgraded their positions in the value chains, and obstacles preventing them to further upgrade. Strategies and technological capabilities of transnational corporations and local firms, knowledge spillovers between them, and external environment, namely, government policies and market conditions, and introduction of new technologies will be examined. Analysis of longitudinal quantitative data and case studies of firms will be applied.