2. Research Projects

Research Projects

Jan 14, 2009 - Mar 31, 2011

Publication Project on the History of the University of Tokyo’s Second Faculty of Engineering


This project was launched to record the history of the University of Tokyo’s Second Faculty of Engineering. It covers the period from the establishment of the institution on April 1, 1942, to March 1951, when it was closed to be reopened as the University of Tokyoandrsquo;s Institute of Industrial Science. The main objective of the project is to re- evaluate the achievements of the institution by determining the characteristics of the education and research guidance it provided to its two thousand and several hundred graduates, as well as the impact it had on students’ lives and careers after graduation. This will be achieved by conducting interviews with the graduates. Economics is intricately related to public policy. More effective economic theory and empirical analysis are in demand on various fronts, including economic growth, issues of equity and inequity, and quality of life. This project examines the economics of public policy in order to (1) apply researcher-level economics to public policy and (2) further refine the economics aspect of public policy. The main participants in the project are GRIPS faculty members working in economics; doctoral students are also invited to take part. Started in February 2009 as a project of the Policy Research Center of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), the research has thus far been conducted jointly by GRIPS and the Institute of Industrial Science.