2. Research Projects

Research Projects

Apr 1, 2006 - Mar 31, 2011

Life Sciences Policy Project


Research activities in the life sciences have been developing rapidly, as is evident in human genome sequencing and analysis of gene functions. Especially as Japanese society ages, it is important to ensure a healthy and secure life for our citizens by improving medical care through the application of life sciences. In the second Science and Technology Basic Plan, enacted in FY2001, life science was designated as one of four priority fields. This designation has stimulated basic research in the field, as seen in the increase of the number of articles authored by Japanese teams in prominent scientific journals. Despite this increase in research, however, the results of basic research in the life sciences are rarely applied to medical care. Therefore, the third Science and Technology Basic Plan, starting from FY2006, specifies that the fruits of life sciences research should be returned to the citizens by improved bridging between basic research and practical use. In order to help achieve this goal, the Life Sciences Policy Project aims to propose a policy of connecting basic research with medical application and an evaluation methodology of the impact of life sciences on the national economy and society.